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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions often asked about SeriousMD, what it does, how it works or how to easily adopt it for a medical practice.

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Can I add my S2 number to my prescriptions?
Frequently Asked Questions - How to Add FAQ's to my Booking Page
SeriousMD & NowServing Badges on your Booking Page
Delisting from the NowServing Directory
Google Calendar Integration
Patient Tagging
Kaiser International - SeriousMD - NowServing Integration
Refer Patients to another Doctor
How to Check Your Computer's Access to Camera and Microphone
[Appointment Request] How to Configure Your Account for Different Situations
How to Set a Follow Up Appointment
Updating the SeriousMD app on your Apple device
How to delete text templates
Apply Patient Booking Age Restrictions
I'm not showing under my specialty in the NowServing directory.
Add Your Day Off
Individual Clinic Booking Controls
Block Online Bookings for Local Holidays Automatically
Is there a way that the disclaimer in the medical certificate can be edited and saved for future use?
MediCard - Doctor Verification Process
Is it possible to turn off text messaging for appointment requests?
How to Add other Doctors to my SeriousMD Contacts? How to Confirm to be a Contact?
Saving Message Templates in SeriousMD Messenger
Screen Sharing - Safari/Chrome/Firefox on Mac
What is the Camera Icon for when I'm in a Virtual call?
How do I get my QR code?
Is there a notification thru sms/email that patients have booked?
Save screenshots during a Virtual Consult call
Going on Vacation? Here's what you can do.
[Billing] HMO Tracking Setup
Hi-Precision Integration
Now Serving V3 - What to Expect
Vitals - Arranging, Sorting the Order and Creating Custom Categories
Medicard Integration
How Do I Accept Booking Requests from Patients?
Can patients can also use their computer browsers for the virtual/online consultation?
Can I be sent a reminder if I have patients scheduled for the day?
How can I hide an item from showing on the catalog list without actually deleting it?
Is there a way I can export Billing reports as Excel files and not just "Print" them?
Move SeriousMD Emails to Primary Gmail Inbox
I am turning over my old iPad to my secretary. What should I do?
How to add in the emergency contact info for the patient's records?
Still Using the OLD Microsoft Edge on Windows?
How do I let my secretary handle all the messages from the Now Serving app?
How can patients book an appointment with the doctor online?
Patient said the payment is not going through. Why is it failing?
How to Start a Virtual Consultations / Online Consultation?
How Can I Bill a Patient Remotely? Due to Covid, I need to charge a patient online, how do I get paid? How do I collect my PF?
Case Investigation Form Covid-19
I used an HP 3700 series printer. The print out is not fitting on my paper
Is there a Status page for SeriousMD?
How to Export your E-Prescriptions?
How can i add meds to my formulary?
How Much To Make a Customized Form for Me?
Is SeriousMD EMR NEHEHRSV/DOH/Philhealth Compliant?
What's the Cost of Importing my Database?
Can you help me import my database from Patient Files Pro / RM Patient Files to SeriousMD?
If i pay now, will the renewal date of expiry be based on today's date or my current expiry date?
Can Veterinary clinics use SeriousMD?
How I can move an appointment with corresponding notes that was inadvertently placed In a wrong clinic and date?
Why is the Buzz notification not producing sound when I buzz my secretary?
Using Chrome to print: is the last line at the bottom always present when printing the prescription and admitting orders?
Do you have Forms for Developmental-Behavioural Pediatrics?
We're sorry. We weren't able to complete your payment or set up pre-approved payments. Please try again later.
How do I remove the header and footer generated by Firefox?
I heard Practo is stopping operations in the Philippines. Can I easily switch over to SeriousMD?
Are graphs for weight and height based on the WHO growth standards Z scores?
Where can I find the birth/maternal history?
How to Create a Custom Physical Examination Template
How To Attach A Video Clip or PDF
How to input in calendar that I have no clinic on the SeriousMD app?
Do you have a primer on how to answer the Phase 2 for the Data Privacy Act/National Privacy Commission registration?
Adjusting Windows Paper Size if You Want Your Own Paper Size (Windows)
Is there a button I could press on the SOAP format to add a text?
I would like to know if we can customize the physical exam that would show a specific joint diagram more relevant to my practice as a rheumatologist?
Can I make my own list of drugs then just click on them, and not search them in the main search for drugs?
How can I incorporate the image/PE/text/other templates inside the SOAP consultation form?
Can I attach videos on iOS and web?
What if my iPhone is lost? Can icloud restore my data after I download SeriousMD again?
I’m going to download another SeriousMD in my iPad. Will you charge me another subscription?
Can I print a blank prescription pad?
How can I manually put and track my professional fees for my in-patients?
Can this app be used for in-patients?
What if I pay in advance for 1 year, will it be much cheaper?
Does upgrading have a limit for data uploaded?
How do you change the gender of a patient record that's already created?
How do you send the pictures of notes via email?
Just purchased the upgrade package for the unlimited patients. How long before it activates?
Why are my images not showing? I can't view patients photos.
How do you change the gender of a patient profile/record already created?
Where can I edit the telephone number that appears in my prescription?
Will I know if my message credits has run out?
If ever for some reason I will terminate my subscription, what will happen to my database?
How am I assured that if I invite them it will be credit on my account?
How do I edit the room numbers of admitted patients?
Can I download the app to my MacBook Pro or Mac Mini?
Is SeriousMD registered with the NPC? Complies with the Data Privacy Act?
Do I just turn on AirDrop in both devices to sync?
Does it work temporarily without a WiFi connection?
Is there a way to affix our signature to the bottom of our prescriptions?
Lately I noticed that my app does not record my consults. My census is always 0.
I use the clinician's module of Bizbox in the hospital. Can I use SeriousMD in my own practice in a similar way?
The dates for birthdays and documents (labs) comes different from the date I chose.
For stocks: How to setup the Re-order notification?
Do I need to register to the NPC if I use SeriousMD?
Do patients automatically get appointment reminders from the app?
How to use the inventory? What’s the reference number for? There are stocks not applicable in the other clinics but they appear in the inventory.
I do not have any Apple products. Im using an Android phone
Are we able to generate a report on how many patients have we seen based on the HMO category?
I'm a subscriber, what is the SMS policy on number/amount I need?. . . I was informed that i had only 5 SMS credits left. Thanks!
Is there a repeat "button" for diagnosis?
How to place my conferences and travel dates on my calendar, so as to remind me not to schedule patients on those particular dates?
Where’s the SOAP located?
If I decide to subscribe, what is the maximum number of patients I can add and how many sub users can I add?
How to edit my own profile on iOS?
I logged in from a public computer and forgot to log out, what will happen?
How much cloud storage is dedicated per account?
I just opened the app but noticed that subscription is already expiring in a few days. What will happen?
Why do I need to select Mark in Calendar? What happens if there's a time but not added to calendar?
If I will use a laptop, how much space should I allot? Are the files backed up in my laptop, as well as the cloud?
A message says the app is outdated but when I go to the App Store it is already updated. How do I download the latest version?
How big of a storage do the files occupy let us say for 100 patients?
Will iPad B be consuming the same GB as iPad A when they both are sync'ed?
Do the photos and files I upload on SeriousMD also eat up my storage space on my iPhone and iPad?
Can I also print using a half sheet when using a laptop instead of iPad?
How to purchase additional SMS credits
Tracking your Data Consumption
How to Design Your Own Custom Header and Footer for Prescriptions and Notes
How to insert scanned images or image attachments sent to you inside SeriousMD
How to delete and transfer a mistakenly inserted a blood test image/record
How can I block off my schedule?
What is my public profile URL? Do I have a webpage that I can share?
My accountant needs an Excel file for billing
I do not know how to add multiple medicines in the prescription (Prescription inside SOAP)
Syncing is not completing
Can I use the Apple Pencil with SeriousMD?
I want to see Testimonials for SeriousMD
I'm missing patients and missing data. What do I do?
Can I create an account for the doctor who covers my clinic in my absence?
What am I really paying for with my subscription?
I currently sharing my practice with another doctor. Can she use my account?
I cannot commit time for a call, a demo or watching online videos. What can I do to learn this quickly?
My secretary should be doing all these things. Can I let her do everything?
I have an existing app, I don’t want to relearn using another app. Why should I switch?
How do I zoom in on the patient avatar on my iPad?
I have been trying to sync my data from the other iPad to this iPad for a long time and it's not syncing
I have an "OR" scheduled here and another "OR" in another hospital. Will this work for me?
I don't need all the features you offer, do you have other plans?
I have 50,000 patients records, can my iPad Pro handle it?
Can I pay using credit card?
I'm not a "Techie." Can I use this?
I can pay a one time fee to another developer that I can hire. Why should I subscribe to SeriousMD?
Educational Materials - Quick Guide
Other websites are loading, but SeriousMD is not loading on my browser
Request for QR Banner Sticker
How to Invite New and Existing Patients to Book with You
How can I share my booking page QR code online?
Guide Your Patients through NowServing
Share Your Achievements Badges
Mastering Inventory Management with SeriousMD
Refunds Made Simple: Efficiently Process Patient Refunds through SeriousMD
How does Document Billing work?