Here are the things you need to know in order to get the Medicard Integration activated for your account.

Note: Current reimbursements are just for online consultations. We're still working to push the inclusion of face to face consultations as well. We are also not handling the payments, it's still Medicard, we are just helping to facilitate. For feedback about payments and requests to allow reimbursements for face to face consults, please direct it to Medicard. If you want to get accredited, please scroll to the end of this article.

Set your HMO Availability

Click here and adjust which days you'd like to accept HMO patients on.

If you have not updated your "Visit Type" yet, click here to see how to do it. This would stop patients from booking physical consults in your virtual clinics and vice versa.

That's it! Patients can now book on your page. They can enter their Member ID and LOA there on your booking page. They can also upload the eLOA now.

On your end, it's still the usual way of accepting patient requests. Hold your consult and save your notes like usual inside SeriousMD.

But you might be wondering what you'll need to do with the Confirmation Code and how to submit it to Medicard easily...

You actually can do that inside SeriousMD!

You can go to the HMO section or in the Patient profile (click HMO Consults)

From there, you can input your Confirmation Code and Consult Summary that you'll need to submit to Medicard.

Medicard gives the patient an OTP and a LOA. The OTP is the Confirmation Code. This is how it can be verified that the consult was completed.

E-Signature tool for the system footer was also added recently, you can check it out by clicking here.


Frequently Asked Questions: Medicard x SeriousMD Doctors

  • Validity of ID and LOA

The patient will be given a PDF by Medicard. The patient can upload the LOA during the booking process. Medicard has informed us that they will also be sending you a copy separately.

  • MACE App, LOA and OTP

Currently, the patient would need to get the LOA from the MACE app but wouldn't it be better if it was directly sent and accessed with SeriousMD? We think so too. We'd definitely want to eventually integrate that so patients won't need to enter their LOA code anymore and validity is also automatically checked but you know how these things work. It takes time. Let's make this a big success and let them know about it so Medicard would consider direct LOA integration soon.

  • Doctor's Fee

Payments will not go through SeriousMD. This is between you and Medicard, we are just helping facilitate this encounter. This collaboration currently affects only online consultations. We're still working towards being able to let your face to face HMO consults be covered as well. Let Medicard know about it if you want it so they can hear your feedback, not just ours.

  • How about Follow up Appointments?

For now, please inform your patients to book again on your booking page when they get the new LOA for the follow up appointment.

  • I'm not affiliated with Medicard yet. How do I get started?

Please create a letter of intent (note SeriousMD in the content) and send it to the following emails. , ,,

  • I am affiliated with Medicard but do I need to get accredited?

Yes, please create a letter of intent (note SeriousMD in the content) and send it to the following emails. , , ,

  • I only want to see HMO patients on certain days. How do I set it up?

Click here to pick days you want to serve your HMO patients.

  • How about other HMO’s on SeriousMD?

If you have referrals, do let us know or you can let them know that they need to integrate with SeriousMD.

  • What is the OTP that the patient is giving me for?

The OTP the patient gives you use the "Confirmation Code" you need to enter inside SeriousMD to finalize the summary to be sent to Medicard.

  • The Consult Summary will automatically be submitted to Medicard?”

Yes, this is straight to Medicard. For online consultations only.

As much as we'd like that this included Face to Face consults, it's not yet included so that still has to be done the "traditional" way but please let Medicard hear about it so they would want to include Face to Face as well.

  • I had Medicard patients that didn't go through the booking system, can I include them?

Unfortunately, not at the moment as we were not allowed to add that in yet.

  • Can I let Medicard know that I use SeriousMD? Should I tell them my profile link?

We do recommend that you reach out and let them know about it. We'll create a form soon to easily submit to them.

  • Manually follow up your payments with Medicard

You can download your reports by clicking the download icon at the top right. You can then send that to

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