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MediCard - Doctor Verification Process
MediCard - Doctor Verification Process
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Why do I need to do this verification process?

The intention of this one-time verification is for MediCard to verify which of your SeriousMD clinics match the clinics you have registered previously.

Doing this will allow for smoother patient bookings and processing of your claims moving forward.

  • You'll be able to see if you're accredited for virtual consultations in MediCard's database.

  • You will be able to verify the validity of both Face to Face and Virtual consult LOA's to save you more time and make sure you are compensated as well.

This verification process will make use of your PRC ID No. so do ensure that you have already uploaded your updated PRC ID.

Step 1:

Go to Clinics > Edit

Step 2:

Click Yes under Allow the use of HMOs

Search for MediCard Philippines and you shall see a Verify Accreditation icon. Click on the icon to verify.

Step 3:

Match your SeriousMD clinic(s) with registered MediCard-accredited clinic(s)

If not applicable, select Not Applicable.

Click Finish Verification once everything checks out.

Step 4:

Go back to your Clinic Settings and choose the days that you will be accepting patients with MediCard as their HMO.

Step 5:

Click SAVE and you’re done!

Your Virtual Clinic

For those with a Virtual Clinic set up, select Not Applicable from the drop down

  • Once you see "Virtual" with a check, that means you are accredited within MediCard's system

  • Just set the days you will accept MediCard patients like in Step 4 above and save

Should you encounter issues with your accreditation, please send an email to and

To be able to go through this verification and allow patients to book consultations moving forward, please ensure that you enter and validate your PRC ID on SeriousMD.

To update your PRC ID saved inside SeriousMD, please proceed to the section below for more information.

How to Update Your MediCard-Accredited Clinics

This is for any existing clinics that is supporting or is affiliated with MediCard.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Click Update under MediCard Accreditation

Step 3:

Match your SeriousMD clinic(s) with any MediCard-accredited clinic(s)

Click Finish Verification once done!

How to Validate PRC ID on SeriousMD

If you still have not submitted a PRC ID, please submit it here.

  • Step 1: Go to this link in your account, click here

  • Step 2: Enter your PRC Number, PRC Expiry Date, License, and upload a photo of your PRC ID (if you haven't)

  • Step 3: Done!

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