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We've compiled short tutorials and videos to quickly show you how to perform all the actions you may need to do inside SeriousMD.


How to login to your account

Login here using your account details https://seriousmd.com/doctor

How to add profile picture and edit your profile information

Personalize your account by adding your picture and other details.

Where and How to change email and password

Please go here to your security settings to update your login details https://seriousmd.com/doctor/app/settings/security/login


Patients Information

How to Create a Patient Profile

You can create a patient profile in two ways.

When creating a patient profile, enter the information that you need to. We recommend adding an email address and a mobile number as we have automated notifications to remind patients.

Option 1: You can create a patient profile on the Appointments dashboard. Just click on the Add Patients to Queue and click Create New Patient Record.

Option 2: On the My Patients page, simply click the add New Patient icon on the top right corner.

How to Edit Patient Information

To edit a patient's information, go to the patient's profile, click the three dots icon (...) on the upper right side and choose Edit Patient Information.

How to Delete a Patient

To delete a patient record, go to the patient's profile, click the three dots icon (...) on the upper right side and choose Archive Patient.

How to Merge Duplicate Patients

If there are duplicate patients, you can merge them by going to My Account > Settings > Account Settings > Manage patients.

Click the Merge Patient tab and a list of patients with duplicate records will appear. Just click the Merge button to merge it.

How to Restore Accidentally Deleted Patients

To restore a deleted patient, go to My Account > Settings > Account Settings > Manage patients.

Click the Restore Patient tab and a list of deleted patients will appear. Just click the Restore button to restore it.



How to Input a Patient's Vitals

On the patient's profile, click the Vitals tab and then click the Add Vitals icon.

How to Change the Unit of Measurement

  1. Click on the corresponding vital you wish to change the measurement of.

2. You can choose what unit of measurement to use under the Unit option.


Patient Appointments and Queue

How to Add a Patient to the Queue

  • Click the + button and select a patient

  • You can choose to add a specific appointment time or leave it empty for a first come first serve clinic process.

How to Select a Date for Appointment

You can switch between Day/Week/Month view. By default, you will be in Day view. You will be able to see the dates per day. Just click on the day to check the appointments for that day.

How to Edit, Rearrange, Sort the Queue

You can Auto Sort or Manually Sort the queue.

Auto Sort = The appointment queue will be sort according to their time.

Manual Sort = To manually sort just hold and drag the patient to the queue.

How to Cancel an Appointment

Cancelling an appointment is different from "Removing" an appointment. Removing totally removes any information of the appointment. 

When you cancel, it will still show that the patient was scheduled for that day, but just couldn't make it. 

On the queue list, simply click on the three dots (...) besides the time and choose Cancelled Appointment.

How to delete an accidental appointment

On the queue list, simply click on the three dots (...) besides the time and choose Remove Appointment.

How to reschedule appointments

On the queue list, simply click on the three dots (...) besides the time and choose Move Appointment.

Alternatively, you can also go to the patient's profile where you can see the patient's scheduled appointment on the upper right side, simply click on it and choose Reschedule Next Appointment.



How to add a service inside Billing

Sometimes, the doctor does this, but sometimes, you might be tasked to add services/items/packages. 

The purpose to the catalog is similar to the menu in a restaurant. The products and services are always there, with the price already saved.

It's really easy to add new services inside the Catalog.

  • If you want to change to adding items (products you dispense) or packages (combination of services and items with a special price) then just click the button to switch to Services/Items/Packages catalog.

How to add HMO to a service

If you do not see the HMO, please ask the doctor to tick the HMO checkbox in the clinic information.

  • Once ready, just go to Catalog, find a service you want to track for the HMO's you accept

  • Click the Edit button (image below)

  • Click Add HMO Rates and Claims

  • Enter the expected amount the HMO will pay in the Claimable Amount field and save

Co-pay = If the patient has HMO but still has to pay a certain amount
Claimable Amount = The rate that the HMO will be paying for the service

  • The next time a bill is created for an HMO patient, just select the HMO, and select the service that shows under.

  • You will notice that the amount is 0 because there's no cash out from the patient

  • Just save the bill

  • You can settle the bill once the HMO has paid you

  • You can go to Reports and generate an HMO Claims report

How to bill patients (Full Process)

  1. Go to the Billing tab and click New Bill.

2. Select the patient you wish to bill.

3. Choose from the list of Services / Items / Packages on the left side panel. It will then appear on the Particulars.

4. Choosing between Save Bill, Save & Settle or Save & Send Pay Link.

Save Bill = You can create a bill in advance for a patient while waiting he is waiting for his turn or for the patient's consultation to end. This can also be used for check payments.

Save & Settle = We recommend clicking this option for cash payments.

Save & Send Pay Link = Click this button if the patient wishes to pay via debit/credit card, PayMaya or Gcash.

How to bill patients when doctor is the one that saves the bill

When the doctor is the one that "Saves the Bill" you just need to look in the history tab to see how much the fee will be. Collect payment and hit the "Settle" button.

How to know if the patient successfully paid the bill online?

SMD Bot will show you a notification for each successful payment. A successful payment also automatically changes the status of the bill from SETTLE to CLEAR.

You can also go to the Payouts tab to see all successful payments that are pending for payout and those that have been paid out already.

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