We've compiled short videos to quickly show you how to perform all the actions you may need to do inside SeriousMD.

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How to login to your account

Login here using your account details https://seriousmd.com/doctor

How to add profile picture and edit your profile information

Personalize your account by adding your picture and other details.

Where and How to change email and password


Patients Information

How to create a patient profile

Enter the information that you need to. We recommend adding an email address and a mobile number as we have automated notifications to remind patients.

How to edit patient information

How to delete a patient

How to Merge Duplicate Patients

How to Restore Accidentally Deleted Patients


Patient Appointments and Queue

How to add a patient to the queue

How to Select a date for appointment

How to edit, rearrange, sort the queue

How to cancel an Appointment

Canceling and appointment is different to "Removing" an appointment. Removing totally removes any information of the appointment. 

When you cancel, it will still show that the patient was scheduled for that day, but just couldn't make it. 

How to delete an accidental appointment

How to cancel and reschedule appointments



How to add a service inside Billing

Sometimes, the doctor does this, but sometimes, you might be tasked to add services/items/packages. 

It's really easy to add new services inside the Catalog.

How to create a package

How to add HMO to a service

If you do not see the HMO, please ask the doctor to tick the HMO checkbox in the clinic information.

Rate = Co-pay. If the patient has HMO but still has to pay a certain amount
Claim = The rate that the HMO will be paying for the service.

How to bill patients (Full Process)

How to bill patients when doctor is the one that saves the bill

When the doctor is the one that "Saves the Bill" you just need to look in the history tab to see how much the fee will be.

Collect payment and hit the "Settle" button.

How to print out HMO reports


Other Functions

How to switch between other doctors

Ask the other doctors to invite your email address (it must be the same email address) and they will show up on the left side of your screen. This enables you to easily switch between accounts.

How to use SeriousMD Messenger to send messages to the doctor and patients


Example run through of how the whole process works

As you can see below, it's fast and really easy. Definitely cuts down the work time and makes you more efficient.

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