One of our goals with the NowServing app is to make it an end to end healthcare app to bring you better care. Our efforts are always directed at improving services and building new features that will help both you and your doctor.

There are 2 main benefits for the current Hi-Precision integration:

  • Get 5% off your bill (imaging and blood tests) - *Limited Time*

  • And the results are synced back to your doctor when Hi-Precision uploads it from their end and a copy is also saved in your NowServing account. This means the results are sent faster to your doctor.

Getting Started:

What will you see and how do you use it in NowServing?

  • In the Inbox of your NowServing app, you will see the usual Lab Request file that you normally get from your doctor but you will see a graphic like this.

  • Tap the Red button to start the process.

  • Select the Hi-Precision branch that you prefer and submit.

  • Once done, you will see a Confirmation page similar to this image below. This means that the form has been submitted to Hi-Precision.

  • Tapping the Inbox, you will also see a dedicated "HP" thread where all submissions are saved. You can also take a screenshot to show when you go to the branch.

Going to the Selected Branch:

  • Please show the confirmation page to the concierge at Hi-Precision to be able to use the promo and this is how they will be able to send back your labs to the doctor directly as well.

That's it!


The results, once uploaded by Hi-Precision, will show up in the Records tab.

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