We suggest trying it out first on the computer, so you'll be able to have a bigger screen AND some time to practice/learn the process.

Note: Without the link from the doctor, the patient cannot enter the Now Serving app. This is the key to load the app and to be able to receive the call.

Option 1: Manually Informing The Patient

Have the patient download the Now Serving app on the phone
(in this case, you can download it on your phone to test it with your self)

Step 1: Add yourself as a patient  - Add your primary mobile and/or email address. Save it

Step 2: Press Start Virtual Consultation and press Start Call

Alternatively, you can also press "Send Mobile app Link" if you want to send the link via SMS/email

You can also View the Mobile App Link and copy it manually to share to the patient.

Patient Side:

Step 1: The patient (you) - you will receive an SMS and/or email, with a unique link. Tap the link and it will automatically log you in the Now Serving app

Step 2: The patient (you) - Answer the call from the "doctor." Turn on the video, there's a video icon at the top - that's it!

Note: that the Patient cannot enter the Now Serving app if he/she did not receive the link from you. It’s a unique link that is specifically created and designated for the patient.

So make sure the number and/or email address of your patient is correct. 

With this scenario, you can do this with patients that manually book/call you or your secretary. 

Once you or your secretary schedules them in SeriousMD, just click Send Mobile app Link so they can receive the link ahead of time and download it already. We also suggest adding a time so the patient knows what time you are going to call. 

The informing of consent is up to you of course. 


Option 2: Patients Automatically Get the Booking Link

If the patient goes through your online booking page, it will send him/her the unique link automatically once you accept the patient or is deemed verified to be an existing follow up patient.

You can check all your booking requests and pending new patient requests here.

Here's a PDF file below for a more visual explanation.

Click here

Note: Without the link from their doctor, the patient cannot enter the Now Serving app. The link is the key to load the app and to be able to receive your call.


How to bill? 

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