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How to Start a Virtual Consultations / Online Consultation?
How to Start a Virtual Consultations / Online Consultation?

How to start with telemedicine? How to call a patient? How to start an online consult with a patient?

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Estimated time for first trial: 5 mins

We suggest trying out a video call first from the computer, so you'll have a bigger screen AND some time to practice/learn the process.

Option 1: Patients Book on your SeriousMD Booking Page

If the patient goes through your online booking page and books an appointment with you, you will receive a notification about the booking request. You can check all your booking requests and pending new patient requests here. (We definitely suggest that you give it a try and book an appointment on your own SeriousMD Booking page so you can see how it works from the patient's side.)

We suggest adding a time for the appointment during the process of accepting the appointment request.

Once you accept the booking request, a message will be sent to the patient that you accepted the booking request.

It will include the schedule. The patient can also open the Now Serving app to see their booking details.

Now, let's try to do a call.

Click the phone icon at the top right of the patient profile or...

You can click the 3 dots in the queue and click Start Virtual Consultation

This will pop up and you can see the online status of the patient. You can then click the START CALL button.

If you are testing this as a patient, open the Now Serving app and you will see that status change to ONLINE.


Option 2: Manually Adding The Patient

Maybe the patient called your clinic or you just want to add a patient directly without going to your booking page.

Step 1: To test this, pretend to be the patient and add yourself as a patient - Add your mobile number and/or email address. Save it.

Step 2: Add the patient to the queue. You can enable Send NowServing Download link so the patient will be notified to download the app.

Alternatively, you can also press "Send NowServing Link" if you want to send the link via SMS/email again. (Image below)

You can also click View NowServing Link and copy it manually to share to the patient via another method if needed.

Step 3: Press Start Virtual Consultation and press Start Call


Patient Side:

Step 1: The "patient" will receive an SMS and/or email, once you accept the appointment request.

The patient will see that there's also a link in the SMS they receive. They can tap the link and it will automatically log him in the Now Serving app.

Step 2: On the appointment time, the patient should be ready and have the Now Serving app open. The "patient" answers the call from the "doctor."

Note: please make sure the number and/or email address of your patient is correct. The OTP will be sent to that number.


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