Hi Doc! Welcome to SeriousMD! 

This quick-start guide was created from of our experiences with thousands of doctors from all around the Philippines.

There are various reasons as to why a doctor cannot get started with an EMR or practice management system. 

From lacking the hardware, to feeling like it’s too overwhelming, not knowing where to start, to not being tech savvy ("techie" 😉) and so on.

We went around the country to meet doctors already using SeriousMD without even talking to us and we learned that they mostly had the same things in common.

  1. They decided and committed to give it a try.
  2. They took it one step at a time and did not overthink things.
  3. They optimized the process along the way to make themselves more efficient.

In this quickstart guide, we aim to help you get started with SeriousMD as soon as possible, no matter what your learning curve is.

Trust me, you won’t need an “IT” guy to figure this out.


Understanding the Process:

For many doctors, this is the out-patient process.

  1. Patient registration (New patient gives their information, old patients have their old file pulled from the cabinet)
  2. Patient gets added to the queue
  3. Patient gets vitals checked
  4. Doctor sees the patient (reviews old notes, creates new notes and prescriptions)
  5. Doctor schedules the next visit (if needed)
  6. Patient goes out, gets billed.

There are definitely more steps in-between (such as recording labs etc.) but those are the most common steps.

For many doctors using SeriousMD, they initially started implementing SeriousMD to to the different parts of the process, one at a time. Some started with learning about how to take notes inside SeriousMD (#4) and some started implementing with the staff first to organize the patient records & appointments. (#1-#2)

SeriousMD handles all those major steps listed above BUT it also adapts to all your existing steps, including your steps for in-patients. 

Once fully implemented, you will start to see some parts of your process that you can eliminate or spend less time on. That's the beauty of harnessing technology to your advantage.


How About The Other Features of SeriousMD?

In this quick start guide, our goal is to get you started ASAP and take things one step at a time. 

Though it’s easy to set them up, implementing billing, in-patient tracking, HMO tracking, reports, notifications and the other features of SeriousMD right off the bat might overwhelm you. 

If you must, please check our Help Center for our guides and you can ask the support team while inside the app if you need any help.


How About Internet:

Internet is required for any kind of syncing to work. Internet speed is not that important as long as your internet connection is stable.

We recommend that you use an iOS device if you need offline access or if you do not fully trust your internet provider. The SeriousMD iOS app (iPad/iPhone) can store your data on the device, hence function offline. When you next connect to the internet, it will then sync your data.

Some doctors use a line (DSL/Fiber) in their clinic. Some use the hospital connection (they got the wifi password from the IT department) and some just bring a pocket wifi anywhere they go so multiple devices can work. Some doctors even use their phone to just tether the connection and the other devices just connect to it, even the printer.


How About Hardware:

SeriousMD was created to be work with most devices as long as they can work securely. 

If you have an iPad lying around the house, you may choose to use that and install the SeriousMD app. You may also choose to purchase a new device. It’s up to you. 

Some of the doctors we visited used their spouse’s iPad, some just used their iPhone, some bought a tablet for their nurse, some just used an existing laptop for their secretary.

We recommend to have 1 device for each user. If you prefer to have offline capability, we recommend the iPad. If you prefer to type, write and draw, we recommend the iPad Pro. If you will use it for rounds, an iPhone will definitely do. 

For printers, we recommend Brother printers that have Airprint. Be sure to look at the box to see the Airprint logo. Why Airprint? So you can print directly inside the SeriousMD app. Here’s a list of printer models that we liked.

If you need help, suggestions or sourcing devices, let us know and we'll help you out.


Overview of Steps:

  1. Involve your staff
  2. Staff will start to input old data
  3. Customize to fit your practice
  4. Test the notes
  5. Implement

We have identified 5 steps to getting you started as soon as possible. We recommend doing the following to quickly start using SeriousMD. A lot of doctors using SeriousMD today literally started using it right after signing up. 


At the start, it’s normal for you to want to test the app on your own. A lot of our users started off by using the app on their own and eventually integrating their staff. 

From what we’ve experienced, more doctors prefer that their staff get started first or at least at the same time as them.

So, here’s how you can add your staff.

  • Login and go to Settings
  • Go to Security, click on Sub-Users
  • Click Add User button
  • Enter Email Address 
  • Pick a Role (secretary/nurse)
  • Hit the Invite button to send
  • The email address you used will receive an email from the SeriousMD system. 
  • Click the button in the email
  • Enter the staff’s name and password to create the sub-user account (your staff can be the one that does this)

That’s it! You now have your 1st sub-user account. You can repeat this for the rest of your staff. Ask your staff to not forget their login credentials.

Note: If you didn’t notice, you have an activity tracker and you can also control permissions for your staff. We also have a tutorial guide for your staff, just click here.


Chances are, you are coming from a paper based practice.

In this case, most SeriousMD users started by having their staff create a patient profile and taking a picture of the old records.

Here’s their simple step by step process:

  • A patient comes in, the secretary checks if she has already inputted the patient in SeriousMD
  • If the patient is not in the app, she creates a new profile in SeriousMD
  • She takes the old paper records of the patient
  • Take pictures of the notes and lab results
  • Put the saved paper records in the “to dispose” pile

That’s it! Over the next few months, you’ll notice less paper files in your clinics until you can dispose of your file cabinet as well. 

SeriousMD users now have more space for their patients in their clinics without bulky file cabinets eating up precious clinic space.

Note: If you have a digital copy or used a different system, we can help you import it. Send the Support team a message by pressing the bubble at the lower right of the screen.


SeriousMD is customizable to fit your needs and we definitely made sure to include tools to help you cut down input time.  

Nobody knows how you run your practice more than you do and that’s why nobody can tweak the app better than you.

With that said, here are the things you can EASILY customize right now. 


  • Not all practices will need to see the BMI nor Respiratory Rate. So you can simply remove what you do not need by tapping on the Edit Vitals button, then turn off the vitals you do not need. Hit the Done button to save.
  • Want to change the height’s unit to FT? Tap on the graph and pick your preferred unit
  • Are you a pediatrician looking for the growth charts? Turn on “Show Reference Data” and see it magically appear


  • Go to Settings > Preferences
  • Sort patients by first name or last name
  • Reasons for Visit
  • Patient Profile Settings


  • Go to Settings > Templates
  • You can add all your templates there for Text (pre-save letters and forms) or you can group frequently used medicines and labs. (Read more about Note Templates here)


  • Go to Settings > Favorites > Prescription
  • Add or sort your most frequently used medicines (and your instructions for them) so you only need to tap once when you create a prescription. No need to type anything at all!

Note: Do you need a customized form or are you looking for a calculator? We can help! Check out our custom forms or just let us know and we’ll import it to your account. 


Just add a new note by going to the Notes tab or if your patient is in the queue, just hit Enter Appointment Notes. You'll see a list of options that you can use.

Read about all about the note types here.


Now that you’re familiar with the notes and your staff knows how to add patients & appointments, it’s time to implement it live in your practice.

You can start with one clinic at a time if you run multiple clinics.
It will be worth your commitment.

Want to see a demo video? Let's schedule a time.


Importing Your Records:

You may be using an existing app or software like Excel. Just send us the saved database file and we'll help you import your data to your account. 

Use an existing software that's hard to figure out how to export? 

  • Download TeamViewer (click here) and turn it on
  • Let us know the ID and password (Click the Support button inside SeriousMD)
  • Then we'll connect and help you diagnose how to get the data imported to your SeriousMD account

Any other concerns about importing? We're ready to help, we just need to know, so don't hesitate to talk to us. That's the only way we'd know that you need help. We've helped import thousands of databases over the years, so yes, we are more than capable of getting the job done.


Getting Help:

We know that change isn’t the easiest thing in the world but in order to improve and be more efficient, harnessing technology is the best way to go. Technology is a tool that can help you if you embrace it for what it was created for.

We're here to help you out. If you need a face to face demo, online demo, a recorded video, a phone call or whatever, just let us know:

Let us know. We don't bite. 👋🏼

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