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Nothing is loading, I cannot access my patients on the web app
Nothing is loading, I cannot access my patients on the web app

Cannot load any data on the browser/web app

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Possibility 1: Did you leave the Safari/Chrome browser open for a while?

Or did you leave your computer sleeping for a while? We have security in place to detect when you stopped using the SeriousMD, so it will log you out automatically. To fix it, you just need to refresh the browser (CMD+R on your Mac or CTRL+R on Windows) and it will ask you to login again.

Possibility 2: Wifi Network issue.

Sometimes, your network provider can have issues. You need to restart your wifi device (pocket wifi, modem/router) or if you are tethering using cellular data switch it off then on again after a few seconds.

This is similar to when you access different sites such as Facebook and it suddenly stops, then you just turned off cellular data and turned it back on again, then it suddenly worked.

Possibility 3: Maintenance time or releasing a new update

We announce maintenance schedules ahead of time and never deploy updates during regular working hours. Check the Facebook Group or your email inbox to see a message about it. If there's nothing, then we're not on maintenance and you might just need to restart your router.

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