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I don't have my Certificate of Registration yet. Can you recommend someone who can assist me?
I don't have my Certificate of Registration yet. Can you recommend someone who can assist me?

If you haven't processed your BIR Form 2303 yet, we can refer you!

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We know healthcare providers can be extremely busy and might not have the time to go through the whole BIR registration process. It's why we've reached out to third-party providers that can help get this sorted out for you.

We'll continually update this page as more third-party providers show interest in providing this service for our users.

Disclaimer: We are not in any way or form affiliated with these third-party providers. Should you avail of their services, please be aware that that is an arrangement and agreement between you and the third-party service provider.


EquityLabs can help process your BIR registration if you're located within Metro Manila (specifically Makati, Taguig, Pasig, Quezon, Manila, Pasay, and San Juan City).

EquityLabs Fees:

  • Professional fee of Php10,000 plus out-of-pocket expenses for the printing of service invoice and manual books at Php3,500

    • An additional Php5,000 if change in registered address is required (i.e., doctor was previously registered in another address prior to their current address)

What to prepare:

  • Special Power of Attorney allowing EquityLabs to process your registration on your behalf.

  • Filled up and signed s1905 for online account access.

  • Front and back photocopy of your PRC ID

  • Filled-up form for BIR and city hall

Service Inclusions:

  • Professional Tax Receipt application with the city government

  • BIR registration

  • Printing and stamping of 10 booklets of service invoice

  • Stamping of manual books of accounts

Service Deliverables:

  • BIR 2303 (Certificate of Registration) including applicable BIR forms

  • Stamped 10 booklets of service invoice including BIR authority to print and applicable forms

  • Stamped manual books of account (4 book if non-VAT or 6 books if VAT registered)

  • Professional Tax Receipt (PTR)

How to contact EquityLabs?

Fill out the form provided by EquityLabs and send an email to:

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