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Share Your Achievements Badges
Share Your Achievements Badges

Showcase Your Success on SeriousMD with Badges

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Celebrating your accomplishments and recognizing your dedication to providing exceptional patient care is important, and the Achievement Badges do exactly that!

What are achievement badges?

Achievement badges on SeriousMD are virtual awards that recognize your dedication and outstanding patient care. These badges are a visual testament to your commitment to excellence in healthcare.

You not only receive recognition but also have the opportunity to showcase your achievement badges with your colleagues, patients, and the entire healthcare community.

How to Share Your Achievement Badges

  • Step 1: Log in to your SeriousMD account.

  • Step 2: Go to "Invite Patient"

  • Step 4: Choose the badges you want to share by clicking on the actual badge.

  • Step 5: You may download the badge and share it online or directly share it to your social media accounts. The suggested blurb can be edited, so feel free to add your own spin.

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