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Educational Materials - Quick Guide
Educational Materials - Quick Guide

Everything you need to know about the new Educational Materials module.

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A strong doctor-patient relationship relies on effective communication, which encompasses various factors.

Patients often express satisfaction and happiness with their doctor when they have a clear understanding of their condition and receive supplementary educational materials to further their knowledge after consultations.

These factors, combined with the proliferation of fake news out there, have prompted the development of the new Educational Materials module within SeriousMD.

In essence, this module provides physicians like yourself, with a convenient way to share meaningful, relevant, and accurate content with your precious patients.

Here’s How To Get Started:

You can go to your Settings area and then go to Templates > Educational Materials.

You can also find it as one of the icons when you press the + button in the patient’s profile.

Upon first use, your Educational Materials area will prompt you to open your library (empty at the start) or explore the current library to download materials from.

Let’s start by adding your own content to your library.

  • Press the +Create New button

From here, you can select either to create custom content or just upload files.

  • Create Custom Content - if you want to share original content that you’ve created, like an article, a list of tips, treatment information etc.

  • Attach File or Photo - If you have a set of PDF files or images that you’d like to share with the patient about their condition or treatment, you can use this option.

Create Custom Content

You’ll see an easy to use editor. You can add a title, you can tag the content, you can then add the content in the Body section.

Here’s an example below. 👇

Attach File or Photo

Have PDF files or images that you regularly share to your patients? You can use this option and simply attach them, so you can easily reuse them in the future with other patients.

Simply save your content and that’s it. You are ready to use them for future use.

Sending Educational Materials

  • To send materials to your patient, simply open Educational Materials, select the content from your library and click Save & Send, similar to prescriptions.

Your patients will receive the content in their NowServing app. They can easily view and read the content there and even export it if needed.

They also see it in their Messages area.

As well as in their Files area, so they can easily pull it up and review it at any point.

The Library

We’ve added some examples of content in the public library under the Discover Content area. You can download them to see a glimpse of what can be possible.

We’ll be adding more content to the public library in the future.

For your original created content that you’d like to share with other doctors, you can select Share to SeriousMD Community. Your name will be credited with the content in the public library and other doctors will be able to see it.

Please be sure that it’s your original content before submitting it to the community for moderation.

We believe the Educational Materials module will be helpful in strengthening the trust between you and your patients. Look forward to more enhancements in the future. 😊

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