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Care Program - WeighNow Saxenda Patient Program
Care Program - WeighNow Saxenda Patient Program
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About the Care Program

Our goal with patient care programs inside SeriousMD is to give added value to your patients and improve patient outcomes.

This new program, WeighNow Saxenda Patient Program, provides patients an end to end support system in their weight management journey. Free delivery of the starter kit inclusive o f a starter dose and needles is provided to an eligible patient prescribed with liraglutide (Saxenda®) 3.0 mg as well as access to a dedicated obesity nurse educator hotline. (This program is currently open to doctors in NCR.)

Each enrolled doctor would receive 5 starter kits codes for your patients while supplies last.

Here's how to get the redemption codes and send them to your patients.

Step 1: Please enroll here in the Programs section by selecting the program and clicking the ENROLL button:

Step 2: If you have not attended an Obesity Educational Live Event: You may sign up and then watch an event on demand at this link in order to qualify for eligibilty.

  • Sign up for a NovoHub account and login to view the Novo Nordisk obesity educational session via this link

  • Once your account is verified on NovoHub, click this link to view the content

Step 3: Once approved, you will be notified by the system. You will also be able to see your available codes.

Step 4: Create a prescription and search for Saxenda.
You should now see the available redemption codes.

It's the same way as you normally prescribe inside SeriousMD but you now have an option to attach a redemption code to give to your patient when you send the e-prescription.

Once you click the redemption code at the bottom, it will attach itself to the prescription like so:

The patient just needs to tap the button to follow the instructions to fill up the form and finalize the delivery.

When you send the e-prescription, the patient will see it in their NowServing and will also receive a message like this to be able to redeem it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment Questions

Answer for Support Team

If I am a SeriousMD HCP: will I automatically be part of the Novo Nordisk Obesity Weigh Now PSP?

If you are practicing in Manila and you have attended Novo Nordisk obesity educational event this year: (such as the June 01 live or virtual event), you are entitled to begin enrolling patients into the Weigh Now PSP. If you have not done either of these you may become eligible by attending an on demand session at
Please wait for the Novo Nordisk team to validate your attendance, so that you may start enrolling patients.

How many patients can I enroll in the PSP?

All eligible doctors may allocate 5 PSP starter kits to 5 unique patients. Doctors with verified World Obesity Federation' SCOPE Certification may be allocated 4 additional kits to a patient: coming up to 9 starter kits for 9 unique codes.

Once I have exhausted all my starter kit codes can I still enroll new patients?

As this is a 3 month pilot, we will be limiting PSP stocks for now. You may gain your SCOPE certification within the pilot period of June to September to receive the maximum amount of additional codes for as long as our limited stocks last. Novo Nordisk will reach out to you for the next cycle of the PSP after the pilot period.

Who do I call to help support more queries from patients

You may contact our specialised nurse educators through the Educare Hotline Monday to Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM

Cell: 09162367936

Landline: 02-85885400 Ext 7218

Until when can we avail the Starter Kits?

Your patients can get their starter kits during the pilot proper from June 05 to end of September or until our limited supplies last.

What qualifies as a Novo Nordisk obesity educational event?

Novo Nordisk Obesity Educational events include but are not limited to the Weigh Now live event on June 01 and the Obesity Masterclass Series. Novo Nordisk reserves the right to decline a doctor's participation to the PSP, if they cannot validate the attendance to any of these events. Other than any of these events, doctors can opt to participate in an on-demand educational program on the Novo Nordisk portal

What is the waiting time of delivery kit?

During NowServing working hours, a patient can expect the NowServing pharmacy team to contact them within 15 minutes of using the coupon. During NowServing working hours, a patient can expect delivery within the day. Outside of working hours, the NowServing pharmacy team will coordinate directly with your patient to ensure they receive their starter kit at their most convenient time.

What happens if the patient doesn't receive their PSP kit?

If there is a failure of delivery to an eligible patient: the patient may contact the NowServing pharmacist team to reschedule their delivery.

When can a patients expect their first Educare call?

A patient can expect a call or SMS from EduCare on the next working day (Monday to Friday) between 8:00AM-5:00PM except on non-working holidays. If a patient has scheduled an order on a weekend or a day before a non-working holiday, the patient may expect their first initiation call on the following work day between 8:00AM-5:00 PM

Can a doctor use multiple enrollment starter kit codes on one patient?

No, the allocation of starter kit coupons is strictly 1 unique starter kit coupon to 1 unique patient. Novo Nordisk reserves the right to recall allocated coupons from a doctor who misuses the use of these coupons

How will I know if my patients have already been successfully enrolled and have gotten their starter kits

You will be able to see on your program dashboard, the number of allocated coupons left and which patients have successfully enrolled into the program: an EduCare nurse practitioner will also reach out to you to inform you of your patients enrollment

If I have any other questions on the program who may I contact?

You may contact our specialised nurse educators through the Educare Hotline Monday to Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM

Cell: 09162367936

Landline: 02-85885400 Ext 7218

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