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How to Set a Follow Up Appointment
How to Set a Follow Up Appointment
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This is how to schedule the follow-up appointment with your patient:

Option 1: Click the Schedule an Appointment button at the top of your patient's profile.

Option 2: Via the SOAP after you finish your notes.

  1. Start by creating the SOAP note as normal by opening the patient record > clicking the + icon

2. Once you complete the SOAP note, click Follow up Check-up

3. Identify the Reason for Visit (the drop-down menu can be edited in your Clinic Settings)

4. You may also choose to have the patient confirm this appointment or not

Choosing "YES"

What happens if you choose to have the patient confirm the appointment?

  • The patient will receive an SMS and/or email notification and push notification to invite them to follow up and confirm that schedule.

Choosing "No"

What happens if you choose to not have the patient confirm?

  • No confirmation will be made by the patient

  • The patient will automatically be added to the queue on the next follow up date (Similar to how the original workflow works inside SeriousMD)

5. Choose the Clinic, Date, and Time

Note: Time is optional

6. Choose how you want to charge your patient. You have three options -- Default Clinic Fee, Fixed Booking Fee, Do Not Charge

Default Clinic Fee

  • The patient will be billed depending on what is set in your clinic settings

  • If you have NowServing Paywall turned on, the amount set is what the patient will be billed for

  • If you do not have Paywall turned on, the patient will not be billed

Fixed Booking Fee

  • This can be used if you want to bill a patient an amount that is different from what is normally set in your clinic settings

  • Upon confirming the appointment, the patient will have to pay already

Do Not Charge

  • This feature is only available for Pro Subscribers

  • The patient will not be billed and they just simply confirm the appointment as normal

7. When you close the SOAP note, you will see the status of the next appointment date.

It will either appear as Confirmed or Unconfirmed

Unconfirmed - The patient has yet to confirm the appointment

Confirmed - The patient already confirmed the appointment

When you go back to Calendar, you can click Unconfirmed Appointments to see the list of patients who have yet to confirm their follow-up schedule.

Under Unconfirmed Appointments, you can choose to Edit the appointment (the schedule, time), Remind your patient to confirm the appointment, Send Message, or Cancel

Note: You can also do this process with the usual Schedule an Appointment button at the top of the patient’s profile.

Do You Want to Set up a Discounted “Follow Up” Consultation Fee?

To optimize your experience, you are also able to pre-save settings based on the Reason for Visit in your Clinic Settings area

  • Go to your Clinic Settings area

  • Edit (or add) a Reason for Visit, in this example, let’s edit the Follow Up

  • You can pre-fill the number of days you’d ideally prefer to see the patient again. (For eg. For a regular Follow Up, you might want to see the patient again in 30 days. )

  • You can select “Fixed Booking Fee” then add your follow fee consultation rate

  • Click Save

The next time you schedule and select the reason “Follow Up” like in this example, the recommended follow up date (30 days from the current date) will be highlighted as a suggestion on your calendar with the discounted follow-up fee already selected.

Patient's Side

This is what the patient sees on their end.

The patient will receive an SMS/Email notification/Push Notification regarding the appointment confirmation.

Once the patient clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the confirmation page. If you chose to not charge the patient, the payment status is No Charge.

If you chose to charge the patient, the payment status is Unpaid, and the amount that the patient will have to pay is indicated.

Once done, your patient will be prompted to go through the regular process of booking

To finalize the booking, the patient will complete payment. (Again, this is only available if you choose to have the patient pay)

The patient will already proceed with paying. They may choose to pay using the different options available (GCash, Maya, Debit/Credit Card, Over-the-counter)

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