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Kaiser International - SeriousMD - NowServing Integration
Kaiser International - SeriousMD - NowServing Integration

Kaiser HMO - SeriousMD - NowServing Integration

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SeriousMD/NowServing now have Kaiser International (HMO) integration.

If you're affiliated with Kaiser and have it enabled in your clinic settings, your patients that book with you can already get the e-LOA during their booking process via the NowServing app.

This is for both Face to Face and Online LOA's.

Kaiser HMO Philippines

Once you accept the booking, this will show in the usual HMO area of your Billing area where you can create the summary and submit to Kaiser directly.

  • For the Diagnosis code, simply select N/A and enter the OTP that the patient gives you as proof of consult. (An OTP is generated for EACH e-LOA and is sent to the patient directly.)

  • Submit to send it to Kaiser directly, all within SeriousMD.


Note: To request for accreditation with Kaiser International, kindly send an email to

If you want to see what the patient sees, here's just a few steps on how a patient can book.

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