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How to Cancel an Appointment or Ask to Reschedule
How to Cancel an Appointment or Ask to Reschedule

Cancel an Appointment Request in the NowServing App

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If Your Appointment Request is Still Pending:

You should see an orange circle with a ...

This indicates that the appointment request is not yet accepted.

  • Just tap it

  • You can also find it here in the Doctors tab > under Consultations

  • On this next screen, you will see the details and your doctor's typical response time guarantee.

  • You can tap Cancel Request at the bottom

  • Enter the reason for the cancellation. This helps the doctor better understand so it can also be beneficial in helping with their practice.

  • Then tap the Cancel Consultation button at the bottom.

If you already paid during the booking process, canceling the request will automatically refund the payment to you.

For more details as to when the refund will reflect, you can check here.

If you already paid during the booking process:

  • Once cancelled, the full fee will be reversed and refunded to your chosen payment method.

    > Digital payments such as GCash will show the refunded amount within a few hours.

    > For Visa/Mastercard, similar to any card transaction, it will depend on your bank's system. Some banks may take 5-14 business days to show the refund on the online statement or bank account.

If payment was done separately outside the NowServing booking process, please get in touch with your doctor separately.

If Your Appointment Request was Already Accepted:

  • Please tap the Messages in the NowServing app

  • Please send the doctor's clinic a message about your request to cancel the appointment or reschedule a new date.

The doctor's side will be able to process your refund. We can also help if the doctor asks us to do so. Doctors are not under our employ, for patients that contact us for refunds, we will still need to receive a confirmation from your doctor before we are able to help with the refund.

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