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[Billing] HMO Tracking Setup
[Billing] HMO Tracking Setup
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For HMO tracking, just go to billing > Catalog tab

Edit the service and add a digit in the Claimable Amount field.

For example:

  • You can edit one of your services

  • click "Add HMO Rates and Claims"

  • Add the amount you expect the HMO to pay for that service

  • Click Done

In this example, I have AON with the claimable amount of 400

  • When you next bill a patient, you can see that the service now shows for the HMO

So for this example, I'll pick AON Philippines when I create a bill.

You can see it shows the service I added under that HMO because I added a claimable amount.

  • You'll notice that it's 0 because there's no cash out from the patient.

  • Click Save Bill and you're done.

  • If you want to check how much the HMO owes you, you can go to Reports

  • Select HMO Claims

  • click Genera Report

  • then you will see the total.

Don't see the HMO you need?

Go to your Clinics and edit a clinic.

Scroll down to the HMO section and add your HMO's there and save.

You should now see the HMOs in your Billing Catalog.

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