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Now Serving App - Quick Tour
Now Serving App - Quick Tour
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Here's a quick tour of the new Now Serving app.

Home Page

  • If there's an appointment, you will see it at the top of the "Home" tab

  • "Pending request" = this means the doctor has not yet accepted your appointment request. This will change once the doctor accepts it.

Where can I see all my appointments?

  • In the "Doctors" tab under Consultations, you will see all your upcoming appointments, even if you have multiple doctors.

Getting ready for the virtual consultation

  • On the day of your appointment, you can already get ready for the call. While waiting for the doctor, you can test your mic and camera.

NOTE: If you want to use your computer for the virtual consultation, just log in here NowServing Patient Portal or click the link your doctor sent and it will direct you there to log in.

Doing Virtual Consultation

  • Once the call starts, you will see familiar icons. At the top right, you can mute the mic, camera and use the your phone's other camera.

  • At the bottom, you will be able to chat and attach files.

Where can I see my list of doctors?

  • You can see a list of doctors you've already consulted with under Doctors > My Doctors. Take note that you can use the Now Serving app with multiple doctors.

Where can I see the conversation with my doctor?

  • To see your conversation with your doctor, simply go to the MESSAGES button and click the the chat box.

How can I send files to my doctor?

  • To send files to your doctor, open the chat box and click the paper clip icon at the bottom left.

Where can I see the files my doctor sent?

  • In the FILES tab, you will be able to find all the files sent to you by your doctor. From prescriptions, to images, lab requests and other documents.

How do I settle my bill?

  • To see all your bills, click the "MESSAGES" button and you will be able to see your bills. You can settle your bill by clicking it and choosing from the list of payment options.

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