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Now Serving V3 - Creating an Account, Verifying Profiles
Now Serving V3 - Creating an Account, Verifying Profiles
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What to expect when you install the Now Serving app:

1. The Now Serving app will walk you through a quick sign up process.
Just enter your mobile number and tap CONTINUE

2. Once you fill up the details, will ask for an OTP. Just enter the pin that is sent via SMS and tap SUBMIT.


For most patients, that's already it.

If you previously had the Now Serving app installed, then the app might ask you to verify patient profile/s.

Verification is needed to link the mobile number to the patient profiles, so if ever you accidentally delete the app in the future, they can just download Now Serving again, login and see all the data intact right there.

If you see a yellow "Verify Profiles" box, just tap it.

Tap the patient's name and on this screen, tap VERIFY

The app will ask for an OTP.

Just enter the new OTP code and that's it.

Your doctor's calls to you will now go through.

That's it! 😊

Why is this needed again?

  • Having an account adds another layer of security

  • This verifies that the number is correct so patients that mistakenly enter the wrong number will not be able to proceed, hence removing the issue of calls not being received

  • Having an account opens up other features for us to build that previously were not possible

The Now Serving App Works with:

  • iOS 11 and above

  • Android 4.4 Kitkat and above

Side note: calls can also be done via a computer browser. Just ask your doctor to share a Call Link with you before the call.


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