For the vitals, back in Version 1 of SeriousMD, we weren't able to sort and save the sort order.

In SeriousMD Version 2, there are what we call Vital Categories that you can use to save a group and you can also save the sort order so it will be consistent on the web and iOS.

The "Default" vitals though will always be specific to the device being used as we have use-cases with staff that just need to see or enter certain vitals.

So if you want to keep your sort order consistent throughout both web and iOS, I would suggest creating a new "category" 😊

Step 1: press the small + button in Vitals

Step 2: Tap Create New Category

Step 3: Give the group a Name and enable the readings you want to group together

Step 4: Tap Sort and reorder as needed

Step 5: You should have your set ready :)

In the future, you might have multiple panels saved already and would want to show only a couple on certain devices.

  • You can tap the Gear button

  • Select Vitals

  • Select the Categories you need and tap Save

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