How To Use It?

So let's say you just finished doing an online consult or even a face to face consult.

  • Go to Billing
  • Create a New Bill 
  • Press the Save & Send Pay Link button (we will rename this, we're just short on time)
  • Patient will receive a link to the bill via SMS and email address. They click the link and checkout.

That's it! 

We will add other ways for payment there soon. 



We are not an HMO. You charge your amount and you will get paid that amount. Period.

Weekly payouts direct to your account - Please expect some delays in the first few weeks as we adjust to this. (Php 2,500 minimum payout for the moment)

Which banks? Major banks. BDO, Metrobank, BPI, Unionbank, RCBC, PNB, AUB, Sterling, East West etc.

Which bank do you prefer? BDO

What details do you need for the deposit? Click here

Who gets charged? The patient. 

How much? 5% + Php50 of bill

Why are they charged? Because each transaction costs us money, plus the costs of services we use to run this, to host this, to secure this, to maintain this and effort to handle it. If there's no charge, we'll go out of business because we'll be paying all the costs and per transaction cost. 😅 

Also, this would help us at least cover parts of the charges for the upcoming online consults because that's pretty expensive to run and we still have to cover that cost. Yes, contrary to popular belief, online video and audio calls are not free. 

I tried to press the button but it doesn't work. It means your patient profile does not have either an email or primary mobile number.

Who pays for the SMS to the patient? That would be us, too.

Is the charge before the consult or after the consult?? It's UP TO YOU. It can be tomorrow or the day before.

Other FAQ here



  • Just use the billing module (
  • Press the Save & Send Pay Link button to send the payment link
  • Patient receives the link. They pay it.
  • We basically act as your secretary that receives the money. 
  • We give you your money👌

Note: SMD Bot will show you a notification for each successful payment. A successful payment ALSO automatically settles the bill in the history. There is also a new Payouts tab to see all successful payments and what we have paid out already to you.

On the iOS app, just create the bill and you will see the Save & Send Pay Link button

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