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How Can I Bill a Patient Remotely? Due to Covid, I need to charge a patient online, how do I get paid? How do I collect my PF?
How Can I Bill a Patient Remotely? Due to Covid, I need to charge a patient online, how do I get paid? How do I collect my PF?

Bill a patient after or before an online consult? How do I get paid after an online consult? Can I bill a patient that pays via credit card?

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There's 2 main ways to Bill and Accept Online Payments through SeriousMD.

Let's dig deeper on each one.

#1 Manual Billing - Bill patients anytime

If you wish to manually bill patients anytime (eg. prior to a consultation or after a consultation) for anything such as a consultation, a prescription refill, a medical certificate request, you can use the manual billing.

You can either go to the Billing on the left hand nav bar or go directly inside a patient's profile and click the Bill Patient button on the top right hand side.

Once inside the billing area, simply choose and click from the Services / Items / Packages on the left hand side. You can add custom ones and edit as needed under Billing > Catalog. Once you're ready to bill the patient, you can choose one of the ff options:

  • Save Bill - If you wish to create a bill only for record keeping.

  • Save & Settle - If you wish to create a bill and record payment on it for record keeping.

  • Save & Send to Patient - Choose this option if you wish to send the bill to the patient via SMS/Email and request payment for it through SeriousMD.

*When you use the Save & Send to Patient button, we add on a service fee of 5% + Php75 on top of your charges. The patient is the one shouldering this fee. You will still receive 100% of what you charge.

Once the patient receives the billing on their SMS/Email, they have a variety of payment channels to choose from. When they settle the bill, you will be notified automatically once settled and the status of the bill updated to Cleared.

#2 Paywall Settings - Automatically bills and requires patients to settle a fee prior to booking

If you wish to set up automated billings to patients when they request for a booking, you can enable the Paywall by going to your Clinics page.

Edit the clinic, then scroll down to number 4.

  • Select During booking, through NowServing Paywall

  • then for number 5, enter the fee that your patient will pay

Once enabled, patients will be required to settle the fee indicated before their booking request is allowed to go through.

You have 24 hours to accept or reschedule the booking request. If after 24hours there is no response or the booking was declined, the booking will be cancelled and the payment made refunded back to the patient.

BONUS #3 Document Billing - Release Prescription, Med Cert or Other Documents only when Paid

If you want to send a prescription to a patient but only want to do so after the patient has paid for it, you can use the Attach Documents button, then add in the amount you'd like to bill and then send to patient. The patient will receive the bill and only when they pay the bill will the document be released to them.


We process weekly payouts (every Sundays 23:59:59 cutoff) and you can expect to receive the full payout amount in your bank account on Tuesday / Wednesday latest.

To add in your bank account, kindly fill up your details under My Account > Settings > Payout Information or click here.

*We accept GCash, Paymaya and all bank accounts under PesoNet and InstaPay networks.

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