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Canon TS 3160 Printer - Airprint Setup
Canon TS 3160 Printer - Airprint Setup
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We're always on the lookout for Airprint printers that are affordable so we can show you options you can utilize for your clinics.

What's in the Box:

Setting Up Airprint for Canon TS 3160:

Step 2: On the Printer, press and hold the Wireless button for 3-4 seconds then let go

Step 3: On your iOS device, open Settings and go to Wi-fi. You should see Canon_ij_xxxxxxx there. Select and connect to it. Wait for it to connect.

Step 4: Open the Canon Print app on your iPad/iPhone. You will see the SSID name there to verify that you are connected to the printer. Press the "If Printer Cannot be Found" button

Step 5: Follow the steps.

  • Check "Confirm that you pressed the button for 3 seconds"

  • Tap "Next"

  • Select your Wifi network. Connect the printer to it by entering the password. Make sure the password is correct or you'll have to do all the steps again

  • Once you have entered the password, give the printer time to connect

  • Once it has connected, you will see this icon here. It means the printer is connected to the wifi network

That's it, you can now connect your iPad or iPhone back to the wifi. Then try to print with SeriousMD. You can now print wirelessly.

  • Open the SeriousMD app

  • Print a Note or prescription

  • You will see this popup, press Print

  • Select the Printer


Canon Printer Paper Size Detection

You might notice that the Airprint printer can detect the paper size and sometimes, it can be wrong.ย 

We suggest disabling that to give you control of the paper size.

Step 1: Open the Canon App. Go to the Printer's settings and you'll see this pop up

Step 2: Tap Printer Information
Step 3: You will be asked for a password. Look at the back of your printer for the Serial number. Type that as the password

Step 4: You will now be logged in. You will see this. Tap on Device Settings

Step 5: Uncheck "Detect paper setting mismatch" and save

Step 6: Go back to your iPad or iPhone, you will notice that the paper size is now gone.

We suggest using a half small bond paper (or half a4 or the back of your prescription pad) then putting it horizontally like this when printing using the iOS app via Airprint


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