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Can this app be used for in-patients?
Can this app be used for in-patients?

Can SeriousMD be used for inpatients? How can I add in-patients?

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Yes! It sure can. You can use SeriousMD for both outpatients and in-patients.

Under Queue or Appointments, you’ll see a toggle between outpatient and inpatient. 

  • Just tap or click In-Patient (image below)

Patients added on this list will appear on the In-Patient queue everyday moving forward until they are discharged.

Alternatively, you can use the Admit Patient button when in the Options tab of the patient's profile.

When admitting a patient, you'll be prompted with a pop-up. The reason for this is to help you keep track of the patient and your notes. It will automatically create a new SOAP note for you. You can also record the room number so it's easy for you to do your rounds.

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