First of all, please DO NOT DELETE SeriousMD. If you do, your data on the device will be deleted. Though we have backups for your data, it will take time to download all of them especially during clinic hours.

  1. Please close the SeriousMD app. Double tap home button then swipe up

  2. Do the same for the Apple App store (double tap home button, swipe up to close)

  3. Open the App Store 

  4. Go to Updates

  5. Drag the screen down with a single finger to refresh it

You’ll then see the app with the pending updates on the iPad.

If the iOS device still does not show up, please turn off the iOS device then turn if on again. Then repeat  Step 1. This is not a SeriousMD issue, this is an iOS issue. Do not delete SeriousMD.

Note: If you accidentally delete the SeriousMD app

A. As a last resort, please use the web version of SeriousMD.

B. On your iOS device, re-download the SeriousMD app and login. Depending on how big your database is, it might take a few hours to fully download everything.

  • Press the home button and...

  • Go to “Settings

  • Tap "Display & Brightness"

  • Tap on "Auto lock"

  • Select "Never

  • Open the SeriousMD app

  • Leave the iOS (iPhone/iPad) open until it says "SeriousMD is up to Date" on the bottom status bar.

It's vital that you leave the device open to download all the data. Please do not let the device sleep.

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