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Tracking your Data Consumption
Tracking your Data Consumption

How much data do I need to finish a day in the clinic?

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There are times that you will use your data plan with SeriousMD and might think that SeriousMD is eating up a lot of data.

Everything inside SeriousMD is optimized. From text data, to templates and images.

Ever wondered why your images in Instagram are uploaded so quickly when you take such large format files with your smart phone? It's because the image is optimized first before it gets uploaded cutting it down to 10-40% of the original size while retaining the quality.

SeriousMD does the same thing.

As for templates, these are already stored offline on the iOS app, so when you create a new note with an image template you saved, it's then automatically optimized.

If you had 10 patients in a day and each patient profile had at least 5 notes and images, a single iOS device won't take more than 50mb of data. If you had multiple iOS devices, it might take 100mb. If somebody using the web app at the same time on the computer, with the same rate of usage (which is rare) it will get to around 200mb, 250mb tops.

So what's causing the data usage?

There are 2 usual culprits for eating your data plan.

  1. Automatic updates from the device

  2. If you are tethering (sharing a hotspot) then you might need to check the devices connected to it as those might be eating your data

Step 1. Turn off Automatic Updates From the Device when on Data

  • Just go to Settings, then tap on "iTunes & App Store"

  • Turn off "Use Cellular Data"

  • You can also turn off the "Automatic Downloads" for Updates and Apps IF the device is connected to a hotspot with the data plan


โ€‹Step 2: Check Devices that are using the Hotspot

  • More often than not, there are other people connected to your mobile hotspot and those devices might be eating the data plan causing you to reach your cap.

  • For Android, you can see the connected devices under the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot menu

  • For iOS, you can see the number of devices connected at the top of the screen.


What You Can Do To Track Data Consumption:

  • Though you can track data with your device already, it's easier to use apps. You can download apps such as My Data Manager...

  • Or "Data Manager"

  • This way, you can easily see how much data you've consumed already. You can also see apps that are using the data.


One final word. If you see that SeriousMD is really the one eating a lot of data, then there must be something wrong. Please contact the support team and keep your devices open for us to run diagnostics. There might be something "infinitely" processing but in most cases, it's just be a fresh installation of SeriousMD and it's just downloading your previous data to the newly installed app.

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