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I'm missing patients and missing data. What do I do?
I'm missing patients and missing data. What do I do?

I am experiencing a loss of records for some of my patients. Some patients came in for follow-up, no entries showed up.

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Before contacting support, please check the following:

  • Did you delete the app in the past?

If yes, you might have not fully synced your data. One of the best parts of SeriousMD is that you can retrieve your data even if you lose your device, but first it needs to be backed up. Always remember to sync to "SeriousMD is up to date" or at the least, please do not delete your SeriousMD app. As long as the app is on your device, there will be a way to retrieve the data.

  • Do you use other devices?

If yes, the data might still be in the other device. The device you might be using now is probably up to date, but the other device might not be or just offline, so the data will be stuck in that device. Just let that device connect to the internet and it will sync the data.

  • Do you have your staff enter the data?

If yes, please clarify with them if they entered the name correctly. It might just be a spelling error or perhaps accidentally added the records to another patient. In some occasions, we have gotten reports from doctors that their staff have initially thought they entered it but they really haven't.

  • Did you double check if you have duplicate entries for the patient?

If yes, your data might be in the other duplicate patient. (Here's How to merge duplicate patients)

  • Is your data stuck in the other device but it won't sync?

Sometimes, the internet is not stable, so data might not fully sync. Give it some time and it should go through. A quick trick is to restart the route/wifi device that you are using. If the intermittent connection continues, please close the SeriousMD app (double tap home button and swipe up) then re-open again. It should then sync.

Quick Notes:

  1. As long as you do not delete your app, there will be a way to retrieve and sync the data

  2. Never delete the app until you are sure it's fully sync'ed OR until the support team tells you.

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