If you've used the app for a while offline (meaning, it has different data, like queue data, patients, avatars, images/notes etc. then, when it detects the internet it will then try to upload all those data while factoring other devices that were also offline and still uploading data. 

So if your upload speed is slow, it will take a while if there are a lot of bigger files such as images but for the other data, it should almost be instant.

In the Philippines, some areas will definitely have internet connections that are intermittent: 

  • Be sure to reboot SeriousMD (Close the app by swiping up in iOS)

  • Restart your wifi device (turn it off then turn it on after at least 10 seconds) 

In most cases, this is just the internet not being able to connect securely and consistently. 

In rare occurrences that you are stuck with a blue status bar, just close the app (swiping up) then open it again.

If this continues to persist, please keep the device with the app that's not syncing open and connected to the internet. Message the SeriouMD support team and tell them about the issue. That's the only way we can diagnose what's causing the issue.


Extra Tips for Slow Connections:

  • Depending on the router you have for the internet, it might have a max capacity for connected devices, usually 5-6 devices. If you have more devices connected than the limit, then it slows down the connection further and often, it shuts down the whole connection.

  • Another possibility is that the connection provider might also be having trouble as well if there's bad weather. If it's a pocket wifi model, just turn it off and turn it on for a while.

  • We recommend removing auto-updates for your iOS devices as well, as it might be downloading a dozen updates in the background as that eats up your connection.

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