In terms of notifications going to you (the doctor) - we have one that you can turn on here in the settings (click here) under "Notifications" 

Basically, it sends you an SMS telling you how many patients are in your queue 30 minutes before the start of the clinic schedule.

There's also an email at the end of the week that tells you how many patients you saw this week and how many are already scheduled for the upcoming week.

In terms of your patients, they get notified via SMS (also there in the Settings area) 

  • SMS a day before

  • SMS on the day

  • SMS for both options

  • They also get an email once there's a future schedule. 1 click and it blocks their calendar.

There's also SeriousMD Messenger now, so they can get notified manually.

Automated reminders is also available inside the Messenger so you can schedule reminders ahead of time. Eg. If you'd like to assign a reminder for a patient to get a checkup but they aren't necessarily on your calendar/schedule.

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