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Can current residents also use SeriousMD Doctors?
Can current residents also use SeriousMD Doctors?

Residents using SeriousMD

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SeriousMD Doctors can be used by all licensed medical practitioners. If you are a resident, then you are already a verified doctor, that means you can already use the app.

You might be thinking about your "clinic" schedule and what to put there. Just enter your schedule. We added an "all day" option for the time so that residents can easily add their schedule.

Eventually, when you have your own practice, you can add another clinic and delete the one that's not applicable anymore.

Residents are already using the SeriousMD app today to EASILY keep track of their cases, they also use it to report to consultants and consultants can easily share notes and the patient's history to residents. Coordinated care at it's finest.

It just works.

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