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SeriousMD VERSUS Other Software

Difference of SeriousMD compared to other apps and EMR

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  • SeriousMD has no installation or setup fees. Just download the app from the App Store.

  • SeriousMD offers a free account. You can jump right in to test it. The free trial for the Pro plan offers you a lot of time before you even need to upgrade to a paid option. It's more than enough time to see how it fits perfectly into your practice.

  • Upon sign-up, you are given a FREE account and a FREE 30-Day trial for the Pro plan. You have unlimited access to the app. Import hundreds or thousands of your patient profiles from different software and see the difference right off the bat. If you choose to not upgrade after 30 days, you will be switched back to the Free plan which you can continue to use up to 100 patients.

  • SeriousMD releases consistent updates that improve performance, fix bugs and add new features. No need to schedule for "visits" from an "IT crew" as everything is done remotely.

  • SeriousMD does not require any training. It's why we say that you can use SeriousMD immediately with your next patient. If you really feel you need training or documentation, we have ready tutorial videos and even 1 -on-1 email/chat support.

  • Security is one of our main features. The technology used will protect all your sensitive data and we monitor the servers 24/7.

  • SeriousMD has offline capability. When you next connect to the internet, the data you've added will sync automatically.

  • We know your practice needs an app that works day in and day out. Our stability is another thing that separates us from the pack and our doctors can attest to that.

  • SeriousMD automatically backs up your data. No need to worry about your computer breaking down and losing data. No need to panic because the person/company that developed your software went MIA.

  • SeriousMD gives you the flexibility to access your data & schedule from anywhere. If you suddenly need to review your patient records, all you need to do is login.

  • SeriousMD's sync technology is unmatched. Through this, you and your staff can work together, using different devices, all at the same time.

  • SeriousMD's support system is built inside the app for immediate access. You can email us or chat with us or if you prefer, talk to us in our private Doctor's group or even through social media.

  • Do you have existing files (paper files or files in another software) that you want to import? Easily import everything to SeriousMD.

  • SeriousMD is built for Filipino Doctors. We understand the different processes, forms, limitations and usual actions of our doctors here in the Philippines. That's why SeriousMD is designed to fit your needs.

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