Using On-Demand: A Guide for Doctors

Empowering Patients with Timely Medical Assistance

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Our On-Demand feature is designed to make healthcare services more accessible and convenient for patients. This feature allows you, as a doctor, to provide immediate consultations within your chosen timeframe.

Enabling On-Demand

To get started with On-Demand Consultation, follow these simple steps:

  1. In your Dashboard, locate the "Available on On-Demand" option.

2. Once you find it, you can set your service fee for On-Demand Consultations.

After setting your fee, click the "Enable" button.


3. Upon enabling, you will see the On-Demand status displayed as a banner on your Dashboard. This banner will be your guide for managing On-Demand requests.

Accepting an On-Demand Appointment Request

  1. Keep an eye on the On-Demand status bar in the banner. When a patient requests an appointment through On-Demand, the status bar will change to "Awaiting Payment." This means a patient has booked a consultation and is in the process of making payment.

2. Once payment is confirmed, the status will change to "Request Received." Click on "VIEW REQUEST" to access the patient's details.

🚨 Note: You have 10-12 minutes to accept the request.

3. Review the patient's information, including their name and reason for consultation.

To accept the request, click the "ACCEPT" button. Please be aware that you have a limited timeframe to accept the request before it's automatically declined. Make sure to act promptly!


4. After accepting the request, click "SAVE" to confirm the appointment details.

5. You are now ready to start the video call with the patient and proceed with the consultation as you would for any other appointment.

Note: This patient will automatically be queued in your Online Clinic

After an On-Demand Consultation

  1. After concluding the consultation call, you have the option to decide whether you want to remain available for On-Demand or disable this feature until you are ready to use it again.

2. Mark the patient consultation as complete. This action helps maintain an organized record of your consultations.


3. Repeat these steps as needed to provide timely care to patients seeking On-Demand consultations.

Searching for an On-Demand Doctor - Patient's Side

Open the NowServing app, and on the main screen, the patient will see the "Available Now" icon. This icon indicates doctors who are currently available for immediate consultations.

Alternatively, the patient can access the On-Demand option by navigating to the "Find a Doctor" section under the "Doctor's Tab" in the app.

In the "Find a Doctor" section, the patient will see a list of doctors who are currently available for consultation. They can browse through the profiles and specialties.

Once the patient finds that they would like to consult with you, they can choose to have the consultation immediately or schedule it for a later time that suits their convenience.

Booking a consultation follows the same process as normal. They will need to fill out a form with relevant information about their medical needs and contact details.

After completing the form, the patient will proceed with the payment for the consultation.

🚨 Note: They have 5-7 minutes to settle the bill

Once their payment is successfully processed, the status will change to "Waiting for Approval." This means that the appointment request has been sent to you, and they are waiting appointment acceptance.

After you accept the appointment, the status will change to "Accepted" and they're now just waiting for your call.


  1. How do I get paid?

    • Similar to our paywall system, patients will pay for On-Demand upon booking, so there's no need to worry about payment processing. Your earnings for On-Demand will be included in your weekly payouts, just like your regular consultations.

  2. Can I still hold consultations while On-Demand is enabled?

    • We strongly discourage holding consultations with patients while the On-Demand feature is enabled. The primary goal of On-Demand is to provide immediate assistance to patients who are booking at that moment. Accepting a patient's On-Demand request but not being able to attend to it promptly may lead to a poor patient experience and defeat the purpose of the feature.

  3. What happens if the patient doesn't answer my calls?

    • If a patient doesn't answer your call during an On-Demand Consultation, we recommend reaching out to them through other available means (such as messaging through our platform) to check if they're available or if they need to reschedule the consultation. Clear communication and flexibility can help ensure that patients receive the care they need in a timely manner.

  4. What if my internet connection suddenly doesn't work?

    • In the event of a sudden internet connectivity issue during an On-Demand Consultation, we recommend taking the following steps:

      1. Immediately contact the patient to inform them of the technical difficulty.

      2. Offer to reschedule the consultation for a later time when your internet connection is stable.


By following these detailed steps, you can ensure a smooth and efficient experience for both you and your patients when using On-Demand. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us by going to Help > Talk to Us.

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