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Request for QR Banner Sticker
Request for QR Banner Sticker

Display your QR Banner at Your Clinic

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The "Request for QR Banner Sticker" is a great way to promote your NowServing Profile at your clinic (or anywhere else, for that matter!). Here's how to get your free QR Banner sticker:

Step 1: Visit the "Invite Patients" tab.

Step 2: Click on "Request for QR Banner Sticker."

Step 3: Fill out the request form then click 'Submit'

Step 4: Standby for an update on your request

Check on the delivery status by clicking on the request button.

Displaying this sticker in your clinics will increase your visibility and encourages patients to explore the convenience of booking online with you. Not only does it make appointments easy for your patients but for you and your staff as well.

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