Invite Patients to Book with You
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1. Go to Calendar > Add Patients to Queue

2. You now have the "Invite a New Patient to Book with you" option

3. Indicate the Reason for Visit

4. Choose the Clinic, Date and Time (Time is optional)

5. Once you're done editing the Appointment Details, click Save

Default Clinic Fee

  • The patient will be billed depending on what is set in your clinic settings

  • If you have NowServing Paywall turned on, the amount set is what the patient will be billed for

  • If you do not have Paywall turned on, the patient will not be billed

Fixed Booking Fee

  • This can be used if you want to bill a patient an amount that is different from what is normally set in your clinic settings

  • Upon confirming the appointment, the patient will have to pay already

Do Not Charge

  • This feature is only available for Pro Subscribers

  • The patient will not be billed and they just simply confirm the appointment as normal

6. Place the patient's name and contact information then click Send

On the patient's side, they will receive an SMS and/or email invite asking them to book an appointment with you.

Sample SMS Message from NowServing

Sample Email Message from SeriousMD

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