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Refer Patients to another Doctor
Refer Patients to another Doctor
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Here's how to refer patients to another SeriousMD doctor:

1. Open a Patient Record > Click the (...) icon > Refer Patient

Under Send Referral To, you may choose to send the referral to a doctor who is also using SeriousMD (who is part of the NowServing Directory), or to a doctor who isn't a SeriousMD user (yet!)

Under Directory, you may choose to find a doctor by Name, Location, Hospital, Specialization, or HMO

Under Direct, you may just go ahead and indicate the name and contact details of the doctor who isn't part of the directory.

To add a doctor to your contacts, click the Star icon

2. Click Add to choose who to send the referral to

3. Fill in the other details as needed

Click Attach SOAP/Other Notes to add any notes that you would like to share with the doctor.

4. Make sure to check the details. Once done, click Send.

5. Click Continue

What does the patient see?

On the patient's side, they will receive a file and a message from you that you are referring them to a specific doctor to that would aid them with their current ailment.

They can now proceed with booking a consultation with the referred doctor.

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