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Care Program 1 - Toujeo and Soliqua
Care Program 1 - Toujeo and Soliqua
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Our goal with putting up care programs is to give added value to your patients and improve patient outcomes.

This first program is about Toujeo and Soliqua.

Here's how to get the redemption codes and send them to your patients.

Step 1: Please enroll here in the Programs section by selecting the codes you want to request:

Step 2: Once approved, you will be notified by the system

You can also request for other codes for the other pens available.

Step 3: Create a prescription and search for Toujeo or Soliqua.
You should now see the the redemption codes.

It's the same way as you normally prescribe inside SeriousMD but you now have an option to attach a redemption code to give to the patient when you send the e-prescription.

It looks like this:

Once you click the redemption code at the bottom, it will attach itself to the prescription like so:

When you send the e-prescription, the patient will see a message like this to redeem it.

The patient just needs to tap the button to follow the instructions to fill up the form and finalize the delivery with Watsons.

We're currently in a test phase to try out the system and improve delivery of the redemption codes and the products.

Once our test phase is over, guides and a hotline to help patients along their journey will be activated as well.

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