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Save screenshots during a Virtual Consult call
Save screenshots during a Virtual Consult call

Save images during the call.

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During an online consult, you have the option to take a screenshot if there's a point in your conversation with your patient that you need to do so.

In order to take a screenshot, click on the (...) icon and tap Take a Screenshot

You'll have the ability to save it under the notes/labs/profile photo of the patient.

After clicking the screenshot button, all those images will be saved in the PENDING NOTES section at the upper right of the patient's profile.

Select the photo you need then you can save it as notes/labs or even a profile photo.

Take note that the Profile Photo option will just appear if you select one image from your pending notes.

This is just on the doctor's side for you to keep in your own records. The patient does not have access to it.

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