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Going on Vacation? Here's what you can do.
Going on Vacation? Here's what you can do.
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​1. Block Off Days You Don't want to Schedule Consultations

  • Simply go to your queue and click the Add Day Off button

  • Add a date range and save

This will automatically block those dates from your calendar so patients cannot select them when booking.

Appointment requests for future unblocked dates will still come in.


2. Adjust Your Reply Time Guarantee

You can adjust your response time to manage expectations.

This is also shown after a patient sends an appointment request, so they can expect up to how long they will need to wait until they can get a response to their request.

A faster reply time also contributes to the ranking algorithm of NowServing


3. Completely Turn Off Bookings for the Clinic

If you want to completely stop any incoming bookings for the clinic or just a specific clinic, here's what you can do.

  • You can go to your clinics area (click here)

  • Once you edit the clinic, scroll down until you get to "Enable booking of consultation through NowServing"

  • Select "No, Just Display My Clinic Details"

  • Save

Be sure to come back and edit this once you're back! 😊

4. Include an Announcement Message on your Profile Page

You can create your custom announcement that will show up on your SeriousMD Profile page. Click here to jump to it.

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