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There are 2 main benefits for the current Hi-Precision integration:

  • Your patients gets 5% off their bill (imaging and blood tests) once they submit the booking form inside NowServing to Hi-Precision - *Limited Time*

  • And the results are synced back to your SeriousMD account when Hi-Precision uploads it from their end and a copy is also saved in your patient's NowServing account. (As this just went live, this is still a work in progress. We'll be using the next few weeks to work out the possible workflow improvements with them, especially for sending back results as it is also new to them.)

How to use it?

It's still the same way of sending Lab Requests. You just have an extra toggle if you want to endorse it to HP.

Step 1: Use the Test Request note

Step 2: Send it to your patient via the NowServing app and toggle the HP button so that it's green.

That's it!

Note: The patients that you endorse are automatically tagged under your name, this also helps the system be able to retrieve the results if the patient uses the NowServing app.

It's important that:

  1. your patient accomplishes the Booking Form and submits it to Hi-Precision via the NowServing app

  2. when they are going to get their labs done, show the Confirmation page to the concierge so the lab results can be properly tagged to their ID, which will allow the lab results to sync back to your account πŸ‘‡πŸΌ


What does the patient see?

  • In their Files tab, they will see the usual Lab Request file that you normally send. They can get started by tapping the red button

  • They simply tap the "Hi-Precision Branch" button once

Confirmation Code

  • Once finalized, they will see this Confirmation page. This means that the form has been submitted to Hi-Precision.

  • Patient can tap Save Screenshot to keep a copy in the photo gallery.

  • Tapping the Services, your patient will see a dedicated "Ongoing" thread where all pending submissions are saved.

  • The results, once uploaded by Hi-Precision, will show up in their NowServing app and it will show up in your SeriousMD account, in the patient's "Labs" tab.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What about if I saw the patient in the clinic and I give a printed request form?

If you print it out, just turn the HP toggle to green on the print popup and the system will send your patient an SMS and a copy to their NowServing app.

They will need to use the NowServing app to submit first to HP. Please ask the patient to open their NowServing app and submit to HP so they'd have a confirmation code ready when they visit the HP branch.

  • Is the 5% off applicable to senior patients?

They follow a one discount/promo at a time rule.

  • Can I send post-dated test requests and they can still get the 5% discount?

If you send post dated requests, then they can still get the discount as long as this promo is still active at that point.

  • The HP Cebu branch is not on the list yet, anything I can do?

We're in the process of adding more branches as they send it to us. If you know somebody in that HP branch that can help speed things up, please let them know :)

  • Do I (the doctor) still need to send the request to a specific branch?

No need, just the discount toggle will show up on the doctors' app but do encourage the patient to open their NowServing app and submit it to HP to their confirmation code.

The patient will be the one to tap the button in their NowServing app to submit it to HP.

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