Hi there!

It's very simple.

Step 1: Download the app on your smartphone (https://nowserving.seriousmd.com/)

Step 2: Enter your mobile number to sign-in/log-in

***Be sure to enter an active mobile number to receive the OTP.

Step 3: Wait for an SMS to arrive with your OTP in it.

*** OTP may take some time to be received. You can Resend Code every 1


Step 4: Book an appointment with your doctor by clicking the blue box and search for his or her name.

Step 5: Wait for the doctor to accept your booking request. You will receive an SMS and in-app notification if the doctor accepted or denied your booking request.

Step 6: If your appointment got accepted, open the app on the date of the consultation and standby for your turn.

*** It's advisable to do a TEST CALL before every consultation to check if everything on your end works fine.

Step 7: Click the Get Ready button and wait for the doctor to join you.

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