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Case Investigation Form Covid-19
Case Investigation Form Covid-19

Case Investigation Form Covid-19 - Corona Virus Disease

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I already downloaded the COVID-19 CIF form. What now??

How to use the Form

  • Enter the patient's profile. Press the "+" button to add a new note. 

  • You can search for the custom form or just type "covid" in the search box to get the form. You should see it there if you already downloaded it.

  • If you need to print it or save it in the "format" of DOH, then press the print button. You can save it as a PDF if needed on the popup or just print it out.

That's it....

Generate the Data in the Fields Automatically Based on your Patient's Data

Here are the things we recommend filling up for new patient profiles. 

These are then automatically added to the form (except the image of course, but it's important because the patient might flee. You'd at least have a picture of the patient)

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