If you need an e-signature, please ask the support team for help.

If you already have your e-signature footer, here's how to export your prescription and other notes.

👉🏼 Using the Web App

Option 1: Sending via the Now Serving app

If you're patient is using the Now Serving app, you can use the Share to Patient button.

  • Just press Share to Patient and it will give you an option to select a Footer. If you have a footer with an E-Signature, select that.
  • It gets sent to the patient's app under "E-Consults"

You can review what you've sent by going to the Virtual Consult tab.

Option 2: Downloading the Prescription

You can also use the download button if you want to download it first and send it separately.


👉🏼 Using the SeriousMD iOS App

Please sync your device first.

  • Go to Settings on the iPad or iPhone > Sync > tap the Synchronize button

You can give it a try after that:

  1. While there in the Settings, tap "Header & Footer"
  2. Pick footer na "E-Signature" then press Print (the print button saves the setting. It acts as our save button)
  3. You should now see the signature in the preview. 

You're ready to go. Just cancel the print

Now, head on over to your prescription.

- Click this Share button shown below

You can even save it to the photo gallery to see what it looks like of just share it via other messaging apps/email.

If you want to export to a PDF format using the iOS app:

  • Pick the footer, press Print
  • On the Preview pop up, zoom in (using 2 finger gesture to zoom in)
  • You'll see something like this at the top right, may share button to share as PDF format.

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