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How to Export your E-Prescriptions?
How to Export your E-Prescriptions?

Export signed e-prescriptions

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If you need an e-signature, just add it here in your Settings.

If you're a Pro subscriber and want to use a customized footer design, just contact support for help to add your e-signature.

Once you have your e-signature, here's how to export your prescription and other notes.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Using the Web App

Option 1: Sending via the Now Serving app

If you're patient is using the Now Serving app, you can use the Share to Patient button.

  • Just press Send to Patient and it will give you an option to select a Footer.
    -- If you have a custom footer with an E-Signature, select that.
    -- If you use the system footer (The built-in design) then please enable Show E-Signature

  • It gets sent to the patient's Now Serving app securely. The patient will also receive extra notifications via SMS and/or email about your sent documents.

You can review what you've sent by going to the Virtual Sessions tab of the patient profile.

Option 2: Downloading the Prescription

You can also use the download button if you want to download it first.

You can then save it and send it separately via other channels.


πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Using the SeriousMD iOS App

Option 1: Send to Patient via the Now Serving app

  • Similar to the instructions above you can tap on the Send to Patient button.

Option 2: Use the Share button to send using other channels.

  • Open your prescription

  • Click this Share button shown below

You can even save it to the photo gallery to see what it looks like of just share it via other messaging apps/email.

If you want to export to a PDF format using the iOS app:

  • Pick the footer, press Print

  • On the Preview pop up, zoom in (using 2 finger gesture to zoom in)

  • You'll see something like this at the top right, may share button to share as PDF format.


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