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How Much To Make a Customized Form for Me?
How Much To Make a Customized Form for Me?

Will I be charged for a Custom Form?

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Beginning March 1, 2020 

Due to the resources and the time needed to create individualized custom forms, the following rates will be offered.

Rates for Customized Form Creation :

  • Php 500 per new custom form

  • Php 4,000 for 10 custom forms

What's Considered Under Custom Forms?

  • PDF templates

  • Consent Forms

  • Custom Forms not in the Public Library

  • Profile Custom Forms

New PRO subscribers: 

  • You are given an option to have up to 5 customized forms for FREE. Just get in touch with the team and attached the templates you need in the conversation. Raw (docx/pdf/pages format) and clear files (for images) would be best.

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