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Is SeriousMD EMR NEHEHRSV/DOH/Philhealth Compliant?
Is SeriousMD EMR NEHEHRSV/DOH/Philhealth Compliant?
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As of the time of this documentation, there are no accreditations yet for clinic EMRs. Only for hospital EMR's. This is directly from the people inside DOH. DOH is still waiting for at least 2 other bureaus to finalise requirements for the clinic EMR certification. We have spoken with people that are part of the NEHEHRSV and they have told us that SeriousMD more than complies to their requirements.

SeriousMD goes above and beyond regular security and privacy requirements. We also comply to international requirements such as GDPR and HIPAA as well as the local DPA. Our separate E-claims system is also compliant with Philhealth. 

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