Yes, we’re registered with the NPC, comply with the DPA and you can list us as your 3rd party PIP (Personal Information Processor)

You can further check our DPO, guidelines, how we handle and secure your data through our privacy policy page. You may find the technology behind our security on this page.

Do Individual Doctors Still Need to Register with the NPC?

All doctors with 1000 or more records are required to register with the NPC.
This includes those keeping paper records, it's not just for electronic records. If you keep paper records for over 1000 patients, you already have to register with the NPC.

Let's say you have 500 patients in SeriousMD, you technically don't have to register yet, but we usually just recommend doing so, it's really better to just get it over with earlier as there are not much in terms of requirements.

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