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How to Design Your Own Custom Header and Footer for Prescriptions and Notes
How to Design Your Own Custom Header and Footer for Prescriptions and Notes

Create your own design for prescriptions and other notes

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Update: We are still in the process of updating the Help Center to the show the new things in Version 2.

Tutorial Video:

The Custom Header and Footers will only be available for Pro Subscribers. Upgrade here.

Step by Step Guide:

You are only able to create the design on the web app. After you save and activate it, you just need to sync it to your iOS device and the design will show up there as well. 

We did everything we can to make things fit but sometimes, there are times that you'll need to preview your header on the iOS app as well just to make sure everything fits properly. Some text might push down other words to the next line, which might end up misaligning certain parts of the header. Be sure to preview it for both web and iOS.

Step 1: Go to Settings on SeriousMD web (or click here

Step 2: Click Custom Note Header/Footer

Step 3: Pick a Template

Select how many columns you'd like to use on your design. This automatically generates information based on the clinics you've added.

Step 4: Edit the text

It's pretty simple to use the editor. Just edit the text as you see fit or bold certain text to highlight them. Align them to the left, center or to the right. You are in control.

Step 5: Adding Logos and Images

  • Click on the cell and click on Choose File

  • Upload the logo, preferably JPEG or JPG format

  • If you need help converting to JPG, then please contact us and send us the logo.We'll help you out.

Step 6: Want to add color to your text? 

Highlight the text and click the color icon to pick the color you want. See below.

Step 7: Turn on the Custom Header

If you see the green toggle, that means it's on.

Step 8: Click on Save and Preview

Step 9: See how your preview looks like

You can also load a patient and preview existing prescription just so you'd know how it looks like with real data.

Step 11: On your iOS Device

  • Open the app, let it sync 

  • Go to Settings

  • Go to Custom Note Header/Footer

  • Turn on Header and/or Footer

  • Hit the Preview button to check or load a patient note to see if it fits properly

Optional Step 12: Updating Your Design

  • Edit on the web app as needed. 

  • Be sure to hit the save button to save all your changes

  • Let it sync on iOS to see the new updated design



We tried to make the Header editor look like a familiar old-school Microsoft Word style design.

  1. Want to make your name bigger? Highlight the words, make it Heading 2 or 3

  2. Want to change the text color? Highlight the text then pick the color icon. 

  3. Want to add more images and a lot of other information? Chances are, your header will eat up almost half your page. Adjust "Maximum Header Height" to a higher number to make it fit, then save/preview it.

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