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Getting Started with SeriousMD Doctors
1 - How SeriousMD Works
Why SeriousMD exists and why it's cost effective for your practice
Why SeriousMD exists and why it's cost effective for your practice

What you need to know about SeriousMD

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You’ll often hear us talking about improving healthcare, this is because SeriousMD’s vision is to improve lives. Everything we do and every feature we release should contribute to that vision.

SeriousMD is made up of 2 core systems. An app for doctors and an app for patients. 

We launched SeriousMD Doctors first and it has been consistently improving since we released. Just ask the doctors using it today.

SeriousMD Doctors is not just an EMR or EHR, it’s a complete practice management system.

Unlike apps or systems that you’ve seen or used in the past, we also put a heavy priority on design, workflow and what’s actually important for doctors. This speeds up what they do, which allows them to save time, serve more patients and have more time for personal things.

With that said, each person will still have different learning curves.

For a system like SeriousMD, it really looks simple to use and you can actually jump right in and use it on your next patient, which other doctors have done already…

BUT I’m sure there are many that will want to fully explore the app first and know every feature that the app offers before using it with their first patient, which usually holds them back from actually getting started.

If you are part of the latter, then you are why we have a TON of varying guides, short posts, videos, email tutorials and other ways to get in touch with us. You even have a way to chat with us inside the app, while you are using SeriousMD. You can actually chat with us now by clicking on that bubble on the lower right of the screen.

About Pricing

When it comes to the Philippine market, we always get a hesitant question about pricing but we’re very open and transparent with it.

Yes, SeriousMD is a subscription service. You are free to use it until you max out the number of patients you can add, then you can upgrade your plan.

Why is it a subscription anyway?

What you get with your subscription = data storage, security, backups, management. We also have to maintain the system and keep it up to date with the ever changing technology which standalone software won't be able to do. You also get access to unique features such as SMS credits for reminders. Consider the new features we release as icing to the cake.

Look at it this way, if we charged once, then it will either be a substantial amount OR it can be a one-off system so if something goes wrong, you are on your own. That's not something we want for anybody to experience. We're building an app that you can rely on to deliver. An app that just works.

Can others pay for you? Sure. Just let them get in touch with us.

How is this cost effective for doctors?

What’s the value of the following for you?

  • More space in the clinic without file cabinets

  • Your patients can actually visit you in other clinics now

  • No more extra operational costs just to get the file from your other clinic to the other clinic that you’ll be at

  • Instant retrieval of patient information

  • Secured, private data of your patients. Remote-wipe and backup downloads.

  • Happier and more efficient staff

  • You just look cooler to your peers. Imagine whipping out your phone and just knowing instantly what your patient’s history is or maybe you’d like to consult with a fellow doctor. 

  • Be the hero to your patients. Imagine this: your patient calls you because she lost your prescription. How can you help? Wait until you get to the clinic tomorrow? Or you can just email/Viber your prescription to them.

  • More time for your family, hobbies AKA life

Compare those to the costs you might incur to get started with SeriousMD, which are:

  • Device (You already have a device lying around in the house that’s just being used for Angry Birds and Candy Crush.)

  • Internet (You already have internet on your phone, hospital or clinic but if you don’t then the SeriousMD app works offline. If you spend most of your time in the clinic, you’ve probably considered getting the internet connection anyway.)

  • Printer (You most likely have it already but if not, we can recommend a lot of affordable models that you can just have shipped directly to you)

  • Downloading the SeriousMD app is free, there’s no setup fees as well. The subscription fee is affordable.

That’s pretty much it. 

Compare that to the costs of “buying” a one time purchase system:

  • Buy computers because it must be compatible to their system. Purchase software to run it. This keeps your data just in one location and you won’t be able to move around with it.

  • Buy all their hardware requirements (router, cables, printers, etc)

  • Pay Setup and Installation fees

  • Pay lump sum to purchase their system

  • Manual backups and not secure

  • Pay “optional” annual service fee (which is technically a subscription)

If I’m to be honest, you most likely haven’t even tried their software yet and it’s probably something that you’d hate to use. That usually leads to the system not being used and investment going down the drain. 

Data is also an issue because it’s stuck in the hard drive of the computer. 

Tell me, how many times have you heard your fellow doctors talk about how they lost data because their system crashed? I’ve personally heard these past horror stories from over 30% of the current SeriousMD users. It's why they are using SeriousMD today.

Compare that to the costs of “developing” your own system:

  • Finding a competent developer (how long will he work on it, how much time will you spend looking for the right person or team?)

  • Who will design, what software will be used, how will it run?

  • Hardware costs

  • Who will keep improving the system? Who will do maintenance? 

  • What if you can’t find him anymore?

I think I need to stop there. That list can be really long because it’s really not feasible. Even if you are really passionate with it, you’ll be throwing money down the drain. To be honest, you’ll hate the experience of getting your own EMR system developed even if you get lucky and find a competent developer.


That’s it for this guide. You can check out the other guides we have depending on what else you might need to know or just drop us a message through that chat bubble on the lower right of the screen if you have any questions right now.

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