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How to add the immunization records of patients?
How to add the immunization records of patients?

Add vaccines (vaccinations) / immunization information for patients

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If this is your first time to use immunizations on SeriousMD, there's a quick setup that you need to do to personalize the Immunization area.

  • Step 1: Go to the patient's blue Profile tab and hit the edit button (image below)

  • Step 2: Click on Modify Types

  • Step 3: Pick "Bacterial Diseases Vaccination" and/or "Viral Diseases Vaccination"

  • Step 4: Turn on the Vaccines that are applicable to your practice or just want to track

That's it. You've now set up Vaccinations. This list will now appear FOR ALL your patients, so there's no need to turn them on or off any more. 

If you don't see the date, then there's no data yet.

Here's how to add data:

  • Click on the Add button

  • Add the date of the vaccine. The other details are optional. Click Add button to finish.

  • You'll now see the date under the vaccination type (image below)

  • Remember to click on "Save" to save the information you've just added.

Do not forget to save or your data will get discarded.

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