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Is there a template for Ophthalmology practice?
Is there a template for Ophthalmology practice?

Are there charts for Ophthalmologists?

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You currently have a set of generic templates that you can use right off the bat. 

Most of our ophthalmologists simply use the text template, SOAP or the image/camera template. 

To add Ophthalmology-specific templates:
You also have the ability to add your own pre-set templates. (Click here to learn more.)

For example, some ophthalmologists have shown us that they saved a picture of a form they like and they draw or write on top. Some of them created a text template that they just fill up. (This can be done in the Settings area, under the Template header)

There's also a general Physical examination template that you can already use.

You can also utilize our built-in image library:
Just go to settings, pick image under the templates section and click on the Library button. You can learn more by clicking here.

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