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[Guide] How to easily convert your medical practice to SeriousMD
[Guide] How to easily convert your medical practice to SeriousMD

How to easily integrate SeriousMD to your day to day operations

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It's really easy to get started with SeriousMD. 

How to Get My Practice on SeriousMD Doctors ASAP?

There are many ways you can start to get your practice on SeriousMD Doctors. Here are 2 of our suggestions that have already worked with our other users:

Option 1 - Importing Patient Records Over Time

  • Continue to run your clinic operation like normal.

  • Have 2 iPads ready with SeriousMD Doctors installed. 1 for your secretary and 1 for you inside your office. Both of you can bring it around the office or outside as they will still sync together.

  • As an alternative, your secretary can use the web version of SeriousMD on a laptop/desktop, which still syncs to your iPad.  (Important Note: Please ask patients to include their mobile number & email address to their profile as much as possible.)

  • For new patients, simply create a new patient profile and fill up the information as needed. You are good to go.

  • When an old/repeat patient comes in, simply get their index card/file, create a new patient profile inside SeriousMD. You can then go add the note. You can discard the hard copy into a pile that's already been digitized. Over time, you will be able to import all your hard copies into SeriousMD.

  • During downtime, your secretary can enter the patient profiles you have in your index cards/files and take pictures of the existing records until you eventually move them all to SeriousMD.

That's it! You are now operating an almost paperless practice. It saves space and gives you instant access to your files. You can print out records when you need to.

You can always keep the old paper/card files for double checking, as well as for nostalgia's sake.


Option 2 - Importing Patients in Bulk from an Existing Database

  • Export your existing patient database from your software. They can export information into CSV or spreadsheet files, in most cases. If you need help, please contact your provider for help on exporting data.

  • Once you have the CSV ready, you can easily import it by using our import tool under the Manage Patients section. Your secretary can follow the format provided in the instructions.

  • Continue to run your clinic operation like normal. 


Using SeriousMD for Your Practice

Example Scenario #1 - Busy Setup

  • A new patient calls in to your clinic. Your secretary adds a new patient, schedules the patient for tomorrow's queue and tells the patient to come in at 9 since he is the first one. (Patient #1)

  • A longtime patient sends you a text asking to see you tomorrow. You simply add him to the queue for tomorrow and tell him to come in at 9-9:15 since he is patient 2. (Patient #2)

  • A new patient walks into the clinic. Your secretary creates a profile for him.

  • The next day, while you are driving to the clinic, you will see that you have 3 patients queued for today.

  • You arrive in your clinic, patient #1 goes into your room.

  • During your session, you can add appointment notes for that patient's visit.

  • You then tap "Finish Checkup" and the next patient is ready to be served.

  • Patient #2 is running a bit late so he texts you that he will be coming at 10:30am.

  • You can tap "Skip" so you can move to the next patient.

  • Patient #3 is then notified to go into the office by your secretary (you can even send the secretary a message within SeriousMD!)

  • Patient #3 needs a lab test so he needs to come back in 3 days.

  • You tap on "Enter Appointment Notes" and you add notes, create a lab request and a quick prescription, which you then print out wirelessly.

  • You tap "Schedule Next Appointment"  and schedule him to come back in 3 days.

  • You tap "Finish Checkup" and you can proceed to the next patient or the skipped patient.

  • The next day, you receive patient #3's lab results.

  • You or your secretary can add it into his "Health Records" area. If it's emailed to you, then you can easily add it, too.

Example Scenario #2 - Basic Setup

  • Repeat Patient comes in for an annual checkup. She gets queued. (Patient #1)

  • New patient comes in for a checkup. Add a new patient profile and add to the queue. (Patient #2)

  • New patient calls in and schedules for tomorrow. A new patient profile is created and is added for tomorrow's queue.

  • You now arrive at the clinic, you then see patient #1.

  • You tap on "Enter appointment notes" when the session is done. Tell her to come back in 5 days so you tap on "Schedule Next Appointment" and tap on "Finish Checkup" to move to the next patient.

  • Patient #2 now comes in to your clinic and you repeat the process.

  • During downtime, you can easily check your calendar to see which patients you need to see tomorrow.

Have a different setup or process in your clinic?

Tell the support team about it and we'll help you figure out how to integrate SeriousMD ASAP to your practice. You can also schedule a call here.

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