We want to focus on serving local doctors, so the optimal choice is to limit it for the mean time.

It's still possible to download it if you have a separate iTunes account.

  1. Log out from your current App Store account.

  2. Login with your Philippine App Store account (or create a new account)

  3. After you download the app, you can then switch back to your main US account if you want to continue using it.


Don't have an extra credit card that you can use for the new App Store account?

  • Log out of your current app store account. Open app store, scroll to the bottom and tap your email and sign out

  • Go to search and type in Seriousmd 

  • Tap the "Get" button for SeriousMD

  • It will ask you to sign in or create. Tap Create account.

  • Fill in the details, you can use the same details as your US store account, including the password so you wont forget.

  • When it comes to payment, you will see an option there that says "None

  • Select None and you should be good to go without the need for credit card details. Normally, you won't see the None option.

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