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Tips & Best Practices for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Tips & Best Practices for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

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Here are some tips and best practices for SeriousMD for iOS.

Which iPad Models do we recommend?

While SeriousMD Doctors will run on all iPad models as long as the above iOS version is installed, we highly recommend using the latest generation iPads to take advantage of the latest hardware (more memory, better and faster processor) in running SeriousMD Doctors.

We recommend using the following models:

  • iPad Mini 3 and above

  • iPad 3 and above

  • iPad Air 2 and above

  • iPad Pro 1 and above

Remove auto-correction

iOS automatically corrects the text you type in. This is a minor issue that you might get annoyed with when entering names or abbreviations.

In order to turn this off, simple do this:

  • Go to “Settings”

  • Tap “General”

  • Tap “Keyboard”

  • Turn of “Auto-Correction” (It’s off when you don’t see the green toggle. Please check the image below)

Time and date

We recommend having a universal time and date for your devices, especially if you use multiple devices for your account. This will keep all your details (including the queue list) sorted out in the correct order.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPad.

  • Tap on General.

  • Tap on Date & Time.

  • Make sure to activate “Set Automatically” on all your devices.

*It’s activated when you see the green color in the toggle.

Have 5 GB free & have fewer apps running

The SeriousMD app is extremely lightweight and runs on minimal resources.

However, issues arise when the iPad has other apps running at the same time. These may eat up the resources of the iPad that should be allocated to the SeriousMD Doctors app.

  • We recommend having a dedicated iPad for use in your practice. If you choose to use it for other things, make sure you keep an eye on the available capacity (GB) your iPad has to store your SeriousMD Doctors data.

  • The app can run with 1GB or less on your iPad but you might not be able to store much information on it.

  • While running SeriousMD, we recommend closing non-essential apps that are running. Not only will this save battery life, SeriousMD Doctors will run much faster, especially on older iPads.

  • Turn off Background App Refresh and Notifications for apps that you don’t really use or delete them completely from the iPad.

Restart iPad at the start of the day

If you feel that SeriousMD Doctors app is running a bit slow, try rebooting the iPad. Rebooting the iPad frees up all its memory.

  • This is optional and only when you feel that SeriousMD Doctors is running slowly.

  • Double tap the home button and close all apps by swiping it away from the screen

  • Hold down the power button and switch it off

  • Turn the iPad back on

Put the SeriousMD app in the dock for easy access

We recommend putting the SeriousMD app in your dock area so you can access it anytime along with your other regularly used apps.

You can even leave it as the only app there!

  • Hold down the app icon until it starts shaking

  • Drag the SeriousMD Doctors app icon to the bottom dock


Add Contact Number and/or Email for Each Patient Profile

Adding a patient's contact number and email address is optional but we highly recommend it!

Your patients will receive SMS and email reminders about their appointment with you.

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